14 Easy Steps To Perform Mermaid Yoga Pose & Its Benefits

Mermaid pose is many people favorite yoga pose to be clicked in photos. Yes, you can see this impressive yoga pose, featured on the cover page of many magazines and showing up on social media etc. Mermaid yoga pose is the advanced version of the Eka Pada Rajakapotasana which deepens the backbend and also opens the hip even more. The pose invites you to find lightness in your body and go well with nature.

Note- The pose should be performed with the caution if you are a beginner or found difficulty with Pigeon Pose.

Benefits Of Doing Mermaid Yoga Pose

Mermaid yoga pose stretches the hips, back, chest, groins and shoulders. It also strengthens the pelvic region and help to improves body balance. In addition, mermaid pose makes you more flexible and increases the level of balance. Very few of the people know that mermaid yoga pose also keeps a better control over the sexual desires. If you have a problem with the digestive system and reproductive system, the pose helps you in improving the same.

Steps to Perform Mermaid Yoga Pose

1. Start Mermaid pose with downward facing dog pose. If you are unaware what Downward facing dog pose is, right from the table position, tuck the toes under and press into the hands. Lift your hips up towards the ceiling. Make sure that your palms, shoulders are width apart. With the help of arms, press the hip up, lift through the tailbone to keep your spine long and straight.
2. Next, bend your left knee in such a way that it rests peacefully between the hands spread out at shoulder width.
3. Let the left ankle rest near the right wrist on the surface in such a way the left knee lies close exactly to the left wrist.
4. Put pressure on the fingertip, stretch your entire body and pull the torso. Push your leg and lengthen your spine as much as possible.
5. Let the left leg rest on left thigh
6. Allow your right knee to bend and using your right hand hold the right foot.
7. Next, pull the right foot close as much as you can so that the toes could rest in the elbow’s crease.
8. Make sure that you keep your spine elongated, doing that bring your left hand above your head. Try to bend it to join the right hand.
9. Move your hips forward, apply pressure on the legs to activate it and lift the spine.
10. Just keep watching at the sky with high and deep breaths.
11. Be in the pose for at least 7-8 breaths.
12. Slowly release the right leg allowing it to elongate backward.
13. Come back to the position.
14. Repeat the same mermaid yoga pose with another leg.

Have you ever tried doing mermaid yoga pose, how was your experience?

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