5 Effective Yoga Poses to Get Relief from Arthritis

Yoga practice of breathing exercises, meditation, sitting and standing pose, has been assumed as the best ways to deal with several mental and physical problems for thousands of years. Recent studies suggest that people suffering from various arthritis have shown improvement in joint flexibility, lower stress, and better sleep after practicing yoga for few months. So, if you are also suffering from arthritis, here are some best yoga poses to get rid of this severe joint disorder.

1.  Child’s Pose

1. Child’s Pose

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Child’s pose or balasana stretches the hips, legs and thighs. It also relieves stress and reduces back and neck pain. To start with the pose, sit on your heels, on the floor. Bend forward and try to touch the floor by bending your forehead. Keep your arms alongside your body. When you are in the pose, press your chest on the thighs. Be in the pose for a minute.

2. Trikonas

2. Trikonasana

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Trikonasana helps in relieving pain or any disorder of shoulders. The pose also strengthens legs and improves digestion. To begin with, the pose, stand on the floor with legs apart. Turn in a way that your one foot faces outwards and other slightly inwards. Lower one arm towards the foot facing outwards while allowing the other hand raising upwards towards the ceiling. Place your extended arm on a knee, or simply let it go loose towards the floor. Breathe in and allow your body to relax, exhale and come back in the original position. Repeat the step with another leg.

3. Gomukhasana

3. Gomukhasana

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Gomukhasana is the best pose for shoulders, neck, and hip joint. If done in a proper way, the pose helps in improving the blood circulation and also reduces friction. To start with the pose, sit on the flat surface. Now take your left hand and bend it to the elbows behind your back, try to your grasp your left hand with it. Breathe normally, initially; you will not be able to put your hands together. Keep practicing and it will improve with time.

4. Tree Pose

yoga poses - Tree Pose position (vrksasana)

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Tree pose or vrikshasana tones the muscles, knees and hip joints. Moreover, practicing this yoga pose also increase the blood circulation and reduces the pain. To begin with, the pose, stand with your legs together on a flat surface, Raise one leg and put it on the inner side of the opposite leg as close as possible. Breathe steadily and focus on your mind. Keep practicing till you get it right.

5.  Shavasana

5. Shavasana

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Shavasana or corpse pose is another great yoga asana for arthritis; it allows your body to rejuvenate, lowers your blood pressure and also reduces the headache. It is the easiest yoga pose that helps a lot in relieving arthritis. Just lie down flat on the surface with palms facing up, take deep breaths, and relax.

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