Mental and Physical benefits of Vinyasa Yoga

Yoga is known to be the best way to keep you healthy. It is the blend of various physical poses and breathing techniques. There are immense benefits of yoga and practicing it on daily basis can bring tremendous changes in your life thus making you live life to its fullest. Yoga is responsible for your overall well-being and keeping you mentally and physically fit. Making yoga your daily habit is the best thing you can do to yourself.

Yoga not only comes with various physical advantages like increasing the cardiovascular efficiency, improving overall digestion functioning, normalizing the gastrointestinal functions, helping in getting glowing skin and fit body but also have several mental benefits and helps you in remaining in good mood, reduces the symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression and other mental disorders. It has also been revealed through many researches that practising yoga with complete dedication and on regular basis has helped in decreasing the glucose level and also the cholesterol and sodium levels from the blood thus keeping you healthy.
All the different yoga poses have their own significance and their own advantages. Every yoga pose is unique in itself. Vinyasa yoga is a kind of yoga that is the most popular yoga practice in western countries. The word “Vinayasa” is originated from Sanskrit and the meaning of this word is “variations within parameter”. There are several benefits of Vinyasa yoga and this amazing yoga brings your mind, body and soul in complete alignment. Below listed are three major principles of Vinyasa Yoga:

  1. Ujjayi
  2. Bandha
  3. Sun Salutations

Ujjayi: The sound that is produced while you do Ujjayi is characterized by the sound of ocean that resonates in the throat of the one who is practicing it.

Bandha: Bandha means locking of the muscles and the contraction that helps in producing energy in the body.

Sun salutation: Vinyasa yoga is the combination of different postures that is commonly known as “Sun salutation” and while you practice Vinyasa yoga, it is highly recommended that various poses of Sun Salutation should be practiced on regular basis. Sun salutation includes the following poses:

  • Urdhva Hastasana (Raised Hand Pose)
  • Adho Mukha Svanasana (Downward Facing Dog),
  • Tadasana (Mountain Pose)
  • (Standing Forward Bend)

It is suggested that Vinyasa yoga should be practised under the guidance of any professional teacher. Anyone who is learning this Yoga and wants to experience all the benefits of Vinyasa Yoga should learn it as per their comfort level. Once you make Vinyasa yoga a daily practice you will start experiencing many mental and physical benefits. This yoga supports you in reducing the signs of stress, depression and anxiety and boosts the muscle strength and makes them stronger. It reduces the increased pulse rate and stabilizes the hormonal production in your body. It is also responsible for purifying the body by increasing the sweating and also the blood circulation. Following are the few other benefits of Vinyasa yoga that regular practice of this yoga provides you:

  1. While you practice this yoga sweat comes out of the body that is responsible for removing the toxins from the body and thus re-energizing it.
  2. Maintains your weight and reduces the body pain. It supports in the overall development of the body.
  • It increases the concentration level in you and also improves the memory power. Makes you more active in day to day activities and also enhances the learning skills.
  1. Assists in keeping your mind relaxed and refreshed and also enhances your overall well being.
  2. The slow process of breathing where synchronized inhalation and exhalation supports in increasing the breathing time.
  3. There are several benefits of Vinyasa yoga, it includes removing the blockages in the body and increases the energy flow in it.

There may be chances that initially when you join the Vinyasa Yoga class you may not like it but that does not mean that you should quit it immediately after your first experience only. It is suggested that you should try again and give it some more time. In the starting stage you can simply carry on with the type of Vinyasa yoga that you finds comfortable. Sun salutation is a Mandatory part of Vinyasa Yoga and you should also learn it for completing the process Vinyasa yoga.

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