Best Yoga Poses for Calisthenics and Benefits of Practicing Them

Have you ever heard about Calisthenics? It is a kind of exercises using the laws of gravity and inertia to improve the fitness and flexibility.

These kinds of exercises are done without any equipment making it budget friendly. There are a number of exercises that come under the calisthenics umbrella viz sit-ups, pull-ups, planks, crunches and many more.

1. Sit-ups in Boat Pose

1. Sit-ups in Boat Pose

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Sit-ups are an excellent way to improve the flexibility to the core; it can easily be combined with Boat Pose. To begin the pose, while sitting with hips on the flat surface, place the hands on the thighs and send the energy down towards the feet to make them heavier. Open the collar bones, and lift the sternum up allowing the head to stay neutral with the spine.

Adding some calisthenics, it is important to keep the heels high than the hips, while keeping the upper back in lengthening position.

2. Lunges for Warrior Pose

2. Lunges for Warrior Pose

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Lunges are another great alternative to strengthen your body for the warrior series. A lunge makes you put one leg forward with toes in front of the heel, thigh parallel to the ground and other leg lengthen at back, hips squaring and thighs lifting towards the sky. Build strength, by slowly lowering the knee toward the ground and then lifting the extended leg to straighten while keeping the body constant.

3. Planks to Vinyasa Flow

3. Planks to Vinyasa Flow

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In planks, shoulders are over the wrists, and the eyes of elbows are faced towards each other to lengthen and open up your shoulders. Knit the ribs together, and imagine that there are magnets pulling towards each other to elongate the spine and back. Allow the energy to go flow directly from the head to heels.

Can you tell us more yoga and calisthenics merges?

Let us Know Some Benefits of Calisthenics and Yoga

• Yoga is somewhat deeper than Calisthenics, however, both give a strong stretch to muscles and make them stronger. Both give power to muscles and automatically tones the body.

• Combination of Calisthenics and Yoga loses excess weight and provides flexibility to the muscles. Their combination tones the complete body and strengthens the muscles when performed directly.

• It is inexpensive, many workouts there makes you spend thousands of dollars per month on a gym membership, but calisthenics cost you minimal or no bucks, you only need is a determination to do them as the regular practice.

• If you are counting on gym sessions, you will definitely, have to spend a good amount of your schedule. But calisthenics can be performed anywhere. With bodyweight training and calisthenics you don’t have to necessarily go to gym.

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