Bharadvaja’s Twist – Method To Perform And Its Benefits

Most yoga asanas (poses) include twisting pose because these poses re-balance the body, calm your minds and allows your body to feel more peaceful and relax. It also detoxifies the body and offers a number of benefits. The name Bharadvaja’ Twist comes from the rishi ‘Bharadvaja’ who is the father of guru Drone. The pose comes under the intermediate level, so it is recommended to perform the basic poses regularly before going with the intermediate pose.

Benefits Of Performing Bharadvajasana

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Benefits Of Performing Bharadvajasana

1. Practicing Bharadvajasana gives shoulders a good stretch.

2. The asana also reduces anxiety and stress.

3. It also relieves sciatica, neck pain and lower back pain.

4. The Bharadvaja’s Twist also gives spine, hips a strong stretch and also massages abdominal organs.

5. The pose is beneficial for the women who are in the second trimester of pregnancy as it strengthens the lower back.

6. It also boosts the digestive system.

7. The pose reduces the extra fats of your body and also improves the blood circulation.

How to Perform Bharadvaja’s Twist

1. To begin with the pose, sit on the floor with legs stretched out in front of you, and arms resting at your sides.

2. Next, shift whole your body weight to your left buttock, slowly bend your knees and bring your legs to the right in a way that you place your right ankle in the arch of the left foot.

3. Inhale, and elongate your spine as long as you can, exhale and twist your upper body to the left. Next, keep your left hand on the floor behind the body and rest your right hand on thigh.

4. Draw your shoulder blades towards your back ribs, twist around the spine to the head. Turn your head to watch over your left shoulder.

5. Be in the pose for a minute.

6. Exhale and extend both legs in front to come back in the pose.

7. Repeat the same steps with another leg and opposite side.

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