Cat Yoga Pose | How to Perform and its Benefits

Yes, even cats can make you inspire doing yoga. Cat pose or Marjaryasana provides body an excellent feline stretch. This asana provides a quick massage to belly organs. Both cat and cow yoga poses helps you warm up the spinal stretches.

It is important to keep in mind that yoga poses should be performed only after 4-5 hours of the meal. And the best time to do yoga is in mornings, in case morning is not suitable you can practice in evening or night also.

How to Do Cat Yoga Pose

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Benefits of Doing Cat Yoga Pose

• Cat Yoga poses add flexibility to the spine.
• When practiced regularly, the cat yoga pose tones the abdomen while removing the unnecessary fat.
• It also helps in improving digestion, as the pose activates the entire digestive system.
• Cat yoga pose also relaxes the mind and reduces stress and strain.
• It helps relieve sciatica, lower back pain and stress from menstrual cramps.
• The yoga pose strengthens shoulders and wrist and also brings improves blood circulation.
• The pose makes a connection with inner source and allows you to experience joy.

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How to Do Cat Yoga Pose

Let’s follow the steps to perform cat yoga pose:

1. To begin the pose, come onto on all fours to form a table position such that your back forms the table top and your hands form the table legs.
2. Make sure that you keep your hands straight on the floor directly under the shoulders.
3. Inhale and slightly tilt your head back pushing your navel downwards, compress your buttocks.
4. Be in the pose for few seconds and breathe deeply into the curve
5. To come back into the position, first, lower your spine to return to table position. Next, change your hips position while sitting back on your heels.

Precautions to be Taken While Performing Cat Yoga Pose

Don’t practice the pose if you have any neck problem. It is advised to ask a doctor before you begin the pose. And make sure that you perform the cat yoga pose under the guidance of a yoga teacher if you are suffering from an injury.

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