Corpse Pose | Savasana – A Pose of Total Relaxation

Often overlooked as the simplest pose, Corpse pose is the most difficult yoga asana, when many yoga experts can bend, twist their body easily, they struggle with the need of concentration when lying on the floor.

The main struggle is the art of relaxation that is actually harder than it looks. It sets up the condition that allows you to enter in the relaxed state and can be treated as the first step for meditation.

The pose gets its name from the posture of a dead body. Practiced usually at the end of the yoga session, Savasana benefits you in many ways.

Benefits of Performing Corpse Pose

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Benefits of Performing Corpse Pose

• The pose leaves you in the state of restoration; it is an ideal pose to end any yoga session.

• When practiced regularly corpse pose reduces anxiety, insomnia, and blood pressure.

• This deeply relaxing asana is better known to be therapeutic for stress.

• Corpse pose decreases muscle tensions and metabolic rate.

• It increases productivity, increases energy levels and reduces the occurrence of a headache.

Steps to Do Corpse Pose

1. Lie flat on your back, you can use pillow below your neck if you don’t find comfortable lying directly on the surface.

2. Let your knees and feet relax completely while toes facing upwards.

3. Place your arms alongside your body and leave your palms open facing upward.

4. Relax and keep breathing slowly, allowing your breath to relax more.

5. Let yourself go completely into another world, focus, and concentrate on your breaths.

6. Inhalation energizes the body, while exhalation brings relaxation.

7. Be in the pose for at least 15-20 minutes; just make sure that you don’t fall asleep.

8. Keep your eyes closed and slowly take deep breaths, when you become aware of outside environment open your eyes and come out of the pose.


None, this yoga posture can be performed anywhere, anytime unless your doctor has advised you to avoid lying on back.

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