Crow Pose (Bakasana) | Step-by-Step Instructions and Its Benefits

Crow Pose or sometimes known as crane pose is foundational pose for arm balances in yoga. For beginners, crow pose might sound frightening, but actually mastering the pose is quite easier than you think. Although, crow poses looks like balancing the arm strength, the keys are learning about the centre of gravity and distributing weight.

Crow Pose

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Benefits of Crow Pose

• Crow pose works on your arm and strengthens your upper back, legs, and wrists.

• Besides this, it also tones the abdominal organs while stretching the groins and upper back.

• Crow pose, when practiced regularly, improves full-body coordination and balance.

• It improves focus, reduces stress and leaves you feeling calm and self-confident.

Step by Step Instructions to Do Crow Pose (Bakasana)

1. To begin with the pose, bend your knees slightly in a way that you can bring your palms on the floor and shoulders a little distance apart.

2. Place your palms firmly on the floor, spread your fingers and press into the joint of each finger.

3. Next, bend your elbows straight back, not into chaturanga arms, but head in that particular direction.

4. Push yourself up on the balls of your feet, open your knees in a way that it comes line with your arms.

5. Bring your weight forward; lift your head as you go.

6. Come one tiptoe and lift one foot, then other slowly off the floor.

7. Gold the posture for a minute or as long as you can.

8. Come out from the posture, by transferring your weight back to your feet.

When to Avoid Pose

Avoid practicing crow pose when you have the shoulder injury or chronic wrist. Work within your limits and always perform the pose under the expert’s guidance.

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