Easy Pose | Sukhasana | 9 Steps to Perform and its Benefits

Easy pose or Sukhasana or sometimes called as Simple Crossed Leg Pose is a basic seated posture which promotes groundedness and inner calm. It is very common pose as a breathing exercise and for practicing meditation; it is also used as an alternative asana to Lotus Pose for those whose hips are tight.

Easy Pose is an easy posture that you practice as a child but then lose the ability to do when started sitting on chairs.
Earlier, the yogis were didn’t have the convenience of sitting on chairs so their hips were open. The asana is much beneficial if your hips are tight. Regular practice of Easy Pose will open your hips and brings your spine in better alignment. Let us know the benefits of doing Easy Pose.

Easy Pose

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Benefits of Doing Easy Pose (Sukhasana)

The pose opens the hips, promotes inner calm and lengthens the spine.

It strengthens the knees, ankles and also opens the outer thigh muscles.

The Easy Pose also reduces stress and anxiety and better known to be therapeutic for stress.

It eliminates anxiety and finds stillness and tranquility.

Easy Steps to Do Easy Pose

1. Sit straight on the edge of a blanket. Now, slowly extend your legs in front of your body, and sit like in seated staff pose.

2. Cross your legs in front of you at the shins.

3. Keep your knees wide and place each foot under the opposite knee.

4. Next, place your hands on knees while keeping your palms facing downwards.

5. Make sure that you balance your weight evenly across your sit bones.

6. Align your neck and spine and relax your thighs and feet.

7. Look straight ahead with soft eyes.

8. Be in the pose for a minute or as long as you can meditate.

9. Release the pose and come back in the original posture.

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