Extended Triangle Pose (Utthita Trikonasana) – Learn How to Do the Pose and Its Benefits

Extended Triangle Pose is an effective standing yoga posture that reduces stress, increases stability and tones the legs. It is a common pose and can be done in the different style of yoga.

The pose is done with grounded feet and allows the chest to twist deeply and open. The word ‘Utthita Trikonasana’ comes from different Sanskrit words – Utthita which means ‘extended’ Tri which means ‘three’, Kona means ‘angle’ and asana means ‘pose’. The extended triangle pose comes under the category of balancing and standing asana.
When all the elements of this pose come together, it results in a beautiful expressive pose that reconnects breath, body and calms the mind.

Benefits of Doing Extended Triangle Pose

The pose, when practiced regularly, stretches calves, shoulders, chest and opens hips.

It is therapeutic pose for anxiety, flat feet, sciatica, infertility and to treat the symptoms of menopause.

Extended Triangle Pose strengthens feet, ankles and your legs.

It improves metabolism and also stimulates the organs of the torso.

It increases confidence and improves the balance both mentally and physically.

It gives a deep stretch for the groins, hips and also hamstrings.

In addition, it also relieves lower back pain and sluggish digestion.

Easy Steps to do Extended Triangle Pose

1. To start with the pose, stand at the top of the mat with feet slightly apart and arms at sides.

2. Step your feet apart and ensure that your heels are aligned with each other.

3. Slowly, turn your left foot out at 90 degrees and centre of knee cap should be aligned with the centre of left ankle.

4. Lift through arches of your feet, and raise your arms to the side, in a way that they come parallel to the floor.

5. Reach through left hand in the same direction; shift your right hip back so that your tailbone and pelvis tilt towards the space behind your foot.

6. Turn your right palm forward reaching towards the sky.

7. If you are comfortable, place your left fingertips on the floor, outside your left shin.

8. Lengthen your tailbone toward back heel; keep your right arm aligning with your shoulders.

9. Hold the posture for a minute.

10. To come back in the pose, inhale and press your right heel as you lift your torso. Turn right and reverse the position of your feet.

11. Repeat the pose at other side.

Cautions When Doing Utthita Trikonasana

It is recommended not to do pose if you are having low blood pressure or have a headache. Those with neck injuries should not turn neck and should continue looking straight. Always perform the pose under the supervision of experts.

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