How 2-Minute Meditation Helps You Destress & Live A Healthier Life?

As we wake up early morning, we’re in a great rush to get to office on time. We don’t even have time to remember god, forget about meditating! And leading such a stressful lifestyle takes a toll on our health.

This is why when we don’t do anything for mental peace, we end up feeling nothing but stressed. We become prone to obesity, high blood pressure, anxiety and other disorders and then resort to medicines and hospital treatment.

So even if you devote just 2 minute from your busy schedule to meditation, your mental health is sorted. You can try some of these:

1. Think About Your Guru

Think About Your Guru

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After waking up in the morning, sit straight crossing your hands and closing your eyes. Now think of your guru. Express gratitude for yesterday and pray for today.

2. Brainstorm During Travel

Brainstorm During Travel

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Whenever you’re travelling with car, bus, train or any other transport, close your eyes for few minutes and brainstorm. Sometimes by brainstorming, you get solutions to your big problems.

3. Chant Mantras

Chant Mantras

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Mantra chanting is a great way to calm your mind. Find a peaceful place and keep your eyes closed for 30 seconds. Now begin mantra chanting, you can start by Om and simple mantras.

4. Remember To Pray To God

Remember To Pray To God

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Right after taking a bath or when you’re going out, remember praying to god for your family’s happiness.

5. Go For A Walk

Go For A Walk

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Walking stimulates your complete system and makes it strong. You can even take short walks. This will calm your mind and make you active. Also, going for 2-minute walks between work hours is also beneficial.

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