How Can Meditation Help In Curing Depression

Depression is a very serious psychological condition in which an individual loses interest in activities of daily life and is constantly in a depressed state. It affects people of all ages. And if not treated at the right time, it can prove lethal.

Meditation is an effective way of reducing depression. It calms the mind and brings positivity to the overall being. Here’s how meditation is helpful in curing depression.

  • Guided Meditation

Guided meditation is very beneficial to get out of depression. Depression lowers your energy level and guided meditation fills you with energy. This meditation revolves around on 7 energy centres which helps in getting rid of anxiety, stress and depression.

  • Practice Sudarshan Kriya

For complete sound health, your breathing process should also be right. To have a healthy breathing, sudarshan kriya should be practiced. It is a powerful breathing process to maintain perfect body balance. It helps in the detoxification of body and helps get rid of toxins that cause depression and other health issues.

  • Body Scan Meditation

To practice this kind of meditation, you have to lie down straight first of all. The place should be relaxing and peaceful. Now, focus on your body and senses. Try to feel positive and notice how you feel as you lie down. When you feel completely relaxed, scan your body thoroughly. Body scan is about gaining an understanding about how your every body part feels. You can begin scanning your body from legs to head. This will help relax your body and will also reduce depression.

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