Steps To Know About How to Start Meditation

Meditation is the easiest and convenient way that keeps your body mind and soul into complete alignment. But it is very important to know the right way of how to start meditation. The time and place of mediation plays a vital role when you talk about how and when to do meditation. To start mediation you should choose the time and place that is more calm and peaceful. There should be no or very less disturbance when you meditate; at least for the duration of your meditation. It is not like that if there is a slight disturbance while you meditate is unacceptable but it is always better if there is no disturbance.
Before starting the process of meditation it is always a good choice to pick a length of time that may be 10 to 15 minutes or it can even exceed to 20 to 25 minutes. This duration is described as the length of your mediation session. You can also use a Pre-recorded guided meditation through which you easily decide the length of your meditation session.

How to start meditation – Deciding the right time to meditate

Usually it is considered that practicing yoga early in the morning is more beneficial and most people practice meditation before starting all their important tasks of the day. Few also love to calm the senses and get rid of all the tiredness of day by meditating before going to the bed. Either of the two ways is right. So giving the answer of how to start meditation we should understand that it can be practiced at any time depending on the suitability. After few sessions you can also start practicing it twice a day.
Like other thing in life, it is also very important to make meditation a habit and practice it daily at least once a day. Initially you may find that practicing meditation on daily basis may turn out to be a bit difficult but gradually when you start doing it on daily basis it will become a part of your routine.
If you are on ground level and thinking that how to start meditation then you must know that being a beginner you have to find the best way to start

Here are few simple ways to begin:

  • Breathing Meditation

    : Starting meditation with breathing is always the nice idea. It is suggested to use a pre-recorded session so that you can get an idea about the whole process. Every time in the initial stage of meditation it is preferred to use the recorded session that can be available in MP3 form. This may be chargeable but surely beneficial as the here you’ll be guided through the complete session from starting to end. So always choose breathing in your initial stage of meditation.

  • Binaural beats meditation:

    It is considered that binaural beats meditation is even easier than breathing meditation. You should practice binaural beats meditation to experience deeper relaxation state and peace of mind. Tough there can be argument about that this isn’t right but there are a lot of evidence to prove that binaural beats meditation is really beneficial. It can be considered this meditation is most likely the laziest and easy going meditation technique for the beginners. It only involves just sitting back and relaxing along with the music plugged in. The mysterious sound of the beats will take care of everything else. The sound track brings the level of brainwave activity to the same level as you would experience if you’d had years of practice as Zen monk. You can choose your favorite program from variety of programs available in the market.

  • Guided Meditation:

    Guided meditation is more like breathing meditation but the only difference is that it mainly focuses on a particular area that you want to improve. The major advantage of guided meditation is that it helps the body to automaticity heal.  A guided meditation is a healing process that not only makes your body relaxed but also helps enhances the self defense mechanism of the body.

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