Kundalini Yoga Poses: All You Need To Know About It

The word kundalini is derived from a Sanskrit literally that means uncoiled. Also known as Laya yoga, Kundalini yoga is a school of yoga that is influenced by Shaktism and Tantra. The main motive of calling it Kundalini yoga is that it mainly focuses on the awakening of Kundalini energy with the help of regularly practicing meditation, prayanama, various yoga asanas and also chanting mantras. The practitioners of this yoga also called this the yoga of awareness as it intends to grow the creative holy potential of human beings. It gives you power to understand yourself and speak truth. This helps you in focusing on the compassion and consciousness that is required to serve and heal other people.

Understanding the advantages of Kundalini Yoga Poses

Various Kundalini Yoga Poses are known to release, awaken and uncoil the immense energy stored in us. But for this you are required to practice various breathing exercises, Physical exercises, mediation and chanting of mantras so that it can help you in releasing the coiled force and thus awakening each of the seven chakras in your body. For complete illumination, you have to wait for the energy to reach the crown Chakra.  The term ‘Complete Illumination’ here means the stirring of inner knowledge, a beginning of deeper awareness of your hidden potential and abilities. Regular practice of various kundalini yoga poses helps you in becoming more conscious about your finite existence and it also enhances your relationship with the infinite realities of the universe.

Who can practice Kundalini yoga?

Kundalini Yoga is known to be the most powerful type of yoga, and it is also called the mother of all yoga styles. As everyone irrespective of their age has the right to be happy similarly people of all age can practice and take advantage of this yoga. Whether you are a business owner or work for some company, you’ve a busy schedule or just sit back and relax at home; kundalini yoga can be practiced by everyone. This yoga do not focuses solely on Kundalini poses rather it also put emphasis on chanting, breathing and meditating. People who practice this yoga daily are able to maintain the level of their awareness in better way and also help in spiritual transformation.

Benefits of Practicing the Kundalini yoga Poses

Kundalini yoga is a famous yoga that comes with enormous health benefits. Regular practice of kundalini yoga helps you in meeting the various challenges that you face in your daily life. Following are advantages of practicing kundalini yoga poses regularly:

  1. Provides the energy to harmonize the glandular system
  2. Provides strength to the nervous system
  3. Purifies blood
  4. Expands the lung capacity
  5. Brings mind, body and soul in complete alignment.
  6. Increases the vitality
  7. Prevents back aches
  8. Reduces stress and depression
  9. Maintains youthfulness
  10. It helps to get weight loss.
  11. Develop our virility and sexual fitness.
  12. Helps in toning legs, chest, arms, abs, buttocks and shoulders.

Kundalini is a not like other yogas, but it is spiritual type of yoga where apart from physical performance of different yoga poses you also need to practice other breathing techniques, mediation and chanting of shlokas.

Kundalini Yoga is known to be the best yoga for the whole body fitness as it gives dynamic movement towards strength and fitness.  Though it is the fact that the other yoga types are also important for the movement and flow of the body, but normally the Kundalini yoga is also considered as powerful exercise for providing strength the whole body and toning it up.

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