Perform Super Brain Yoga to Maximize Brain Power – Steps to do and Benefits

Putting targeting on the physical health should not be your only concern, but maintaining a balance between mental and physical health should be the priority. No doubt, our body helps in carrying out certain activities; just like the case, brain sends you messages to perform actions.

You might have read or even performed the yoga asanas for maintaining good health, but have you ever heard about yoga poses specifically focusing on the brain? So, let’s know what super brain yoga is all about.

What is Super Brain Yoga?

What is Super Brain Yoga?

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Super Brain Yoga does not involve any twisting of the body, but it only focuses on improving the mental health. It keeps your brain functioning and the increases brain power. This type of yoga is basically performed by children suffering from Down syndrome and ADHD.

Steps to Perform Super Brain Yoga

Super brain yoga should always be performed early morning. For doing this yoga, one should face towards the east, however, if you are elderly face towards the north. Make sure that you have removed all your jewelry; you can only keep your rings if it is extremely important. Super Brain Yoga works effectively when practiced in a good posture. To begin with the pose:

• Stand straight on the flat surface.

• Use your left hand to touch the right earlobe only with your thumb and forefinger, similarly move the right hand to touch the left earlobe. Remember to keep thumb in the front, when you practice super brain yoga.

• Keep your arms very close to chest as when you perform the steps.

• Breathe slowly and bend knees towards the ground lowering your body.

• Lift your body up as you exhale.

• Slowly increase the repetition, to 5 times in a week then 10 times for the following week and more.

What are the Benefits of Super Brain Yoga?

1. Super Brain Yoga improves creativity. It helps in achieving greater intelligence and creative skills.

2. This kind of yoga is beneficial for children who are disabled or autistic.

3. It helps in relieving depression, reduces mental stress and increases the flow of energy in the body.

4. When practiced regularly, super yoga pose promotes the functioning of brain power.

5. It activates brain by synchronizing Alpha brain waves.

6. Super brain yoga improves the condition of children suffering from brain fog, anxiety and ADHD.

7. Not only on children but this pose also works effectively for older people too, improving their memory door daily activities.

8. It also normalizes the behavior patterns of disabled children

9. It can be practiced anywhere without having side effects.

10. Overall, the yoga improves the mental stability and focuses on health management.

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