Power Yoga Poses -The Cheapest Favour to your Body

The approach of Power Yoga is the latest buzz that is bowling over the gaggles, but a ton of people are just muddled between the two terms i.e. ‘Yoga’ and ‘Power Yoga’ are they same? No, they are not alike; Yoga is the traditional system that is followed by the meditation process and steps to glom onto the crown of mind control and self recognition. While on the other hand the meditation steps followed in the Power Yoga aims at shaping the mind to be peaceful and calm. Its direction is towards the increased level of cholesterol in the body, Power Yoga targets to care about the cholesterol level. So this was all about ‘What is Power Yoga’.

Power Yoga has grown throughout the world as this yoga does not involves just the strengthening of body and movements but it enmeshes the whole body and stepped out with flexibility and toning of body muscles not only this, a Power Yoga also educes the characteristics of what a good workouts can do. Power Yoga for weight Loss is one of the most crowd-pleasing forms of yoga that is considered to be most impressive and productive than other alternative forms.

Power Yoga for weight Loss is well chosen as the simple yet natural way for losing weight. Practicing Power yoga on a regular basis has surely abetted countless people in paring down and gaining up weight. Weight Loss through Power Yoga is the best option that is now preferred by the herd as it does not have any adverse effect.

Power Yoga Poses – The Postures for Mental Wellness

  • Cobra Pose –

How to do: The Cobra poses formants the reproductive and digestive system, boosts the lungs and widens the heart. What you have to do is simply lie down on the flat surface on your belly and place your palms on the surface just behind your chest.  Ascent your upper body and chest, off from the surface. According to your strength and bend backwards, stay fixed for some time and then releases the pose.

  • Warrior Pose-

Warrior Pose or Virabhadrasana is the best and yet so popular Power Yoga poses for weight loss. All in a one go Warrior Pose tones up your arms, thighs, all your back muscles and shoulders. For doing this stand straight on the floor, spread your legs at a wide distance of around 2-4 feet. Now turn your left leg in the left direction and just like the same turn your right leg in the same direction. Now hold up your hand in the skyward direction and stretch possibly as you can. Look upwards with the joined hands and then release after some time.

  • Seated Forward Bend or Paschimottanasana –

Power Yoga weight Loss list can never be finished without Paschimottanasana. This asana is best suited for those who want to remove excess of belly fats. For this simply sit down on the even surface and spread your legs out in front of you. Take a deep breath and exhale out while bending your body in the front direction and try to touch your toes with hands. Release the pose after a while.

  • Bow Pose –

Bow Pose or Dhanurasana is the asana that strengthens your whole back body. It is one of the excellent Power Yoga poses to lose extra fat from your arms and legs. To pose like a Dhanush, lie down on the flat surface backwards, on your stomach and bend your legs from your knees and ascent your legs from backside.  Reach back and with the help of your hands try to touch your ankles. Release the pose after a while.

  • Eagle Pose-

Eagle Pose yoga or Garudasana is an asana that confronts you to remain at equilibrium position while focusing simultaneously on your posture as well. If you have some portions of your body, like if you have heavy thighs or arms, doing Power Yoga eagle pose will benefit you. The steps to Power Yoga for weight Loss through eagle pose are as follows. Stand straight on an even surface, lift your right leg up, fold it from the knee and just twist it around your left leg. Repeat this twisted posture same with the hands. Bring forward your hands in front of the chest and twist your right hand around your left hand. Look strictly straight and then release.

  • Intense Side stretch Pose –

Intense side stretch pose or Parsvottanasana is  apose that stretches all of your upper body part including shoulders, chest and sides along with the hamstrings. It lengthens the spine and sets up the digestive organs. Not only this it also burns calories and reduces the excessive fats from the sides. For this pose, stand straight on the surface put your hands behind the body with palms down. Bend towards your left side and stretch your left hand towards the left side simply over your head. Finish. Repeat the same steps in the right direction.

The list for Power Yoga Poses is quite long. Let’s just know more about What is Power Yoga?

What is Power Yoga – You might not know these points

  • Power Yoga Burns Calories
  • It increases metabolism
  • Take the edge off stress and take off the focus
  • Adds your stamina level, increases strength and elasticity

The traditional yoga is surely an ideal way for making your body more flexible but Power Yoga for weight loss is the best option that one picks without wondering of any side effects as it involves not only the meditation prospects but also some physique thoughts.

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