Some Important Rules To Keep In Mind While Practising Yoga

Yoga differs from physical exercise. And, calling it an exercise is plain wrong. That is because main objective of yoga is not to strengthen muscles but to destress and get rid of physical ailments. Practising yoga requires great amount of patience and self-discipline.

Here are some rules to keep in mind while practising yoga to get better physical and mental health.

1. Stay Calm

Always practice yoga with a calm mind. Also, choose a peaceful place for doing yoga. Don’t talk or use mobile phone during yoga practice. This distracts the mind and you lose focus leading to slowered results.

2. Be Mindful Of Your Breaths

2. Be Mindful Of Your Breaths

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Breathing is as important in yoga is as the asana itself. Without proper breathing, yogasana is ineffective. Never breathe through your mouth while practicing yoga as it can be harmful. So always breathe through your nose while doing yoga. Breathe in and out according to your yoga instructor’s directions. Remember to not hold the process of breathing during yoga.

3. Do It Empty Stomach

Never practise yoga right after taking your meal as it be harmful for health. Try to practise yoga early morning when you’re empty stomach. And if you don’t get time in the morning, you can practise it 2-3 hours after meals. Vajrasana is the only yogasana that is recommended after eating as it aids digestion process.

4. Never Wear Tight Clothes

4. Never Wear Tight Clothes

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Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes during yoga as it affects the effectiveness and might even prevent you from doing yoga for longer duration. So prefer wearing loose and comfortable clothes during yoga practise. Moreover, don’t wear heavy makeup or jewellery while practising yoga.

5. Be Patient

Beginners usually think that practising yoga fast might be beneficial for getting early results. However, that’s not true. It’s important to know that every individual has a different level of stamina and he/she performs yoga according to that. So just be patient to achieve better and positive results.

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