Uttanpadasana – The Raised Leg Yoga Pose | Steps, Benefits & Precautions

There are many effective pose in yoga and Raised Leg Yoga pose or Uttanpadasana is one of the common yoga poses performed by Yogis. Uttanpadasana is a yoga asana for stomach related ailments. Moreover, the yoga pose is also believed to be beneficial for weight loss.

If you are a beginner, you may find this yoga pose a little bit difficult but don’t panic as you can master it through regular practice. It is quite tough to balance the position but it becomes easier to hold the pose if performed daily. Uttanpadasana is derived from Sanskrit words ‘Ut’ meaning ‘lift’, ‘Tan’ meaning ‘stretch’ and ‘Pada’ meaning ‘leg’.
Uttanpadasana, also known as Dwi Padasana sometimes, tones your belly and improves the digestive system.

Besides this, the yoga pose has myriads of health benefits that include removing back and waist pain. You can even perform this pose while raising one leg at a time.

How to Master in Uttanpadasana in Easy Steps

How to Master in Uttanpadasana in Easy Steps

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Follow below steps to perform Uttanpadasana:

1. To begin the pose, come in the supine position i.e. lie horizontally with the torso and facing up which is opposite to the prone position (body lies flat with the chest down).

2. Keep both your knees and feet together and breathe normally.

3. Exhale and make a little arch from your back while raising your chin. Turn your head back and try touching it to the ground. (If not comfortable, use your hand to keep the head in the backward direction)

4. Next, keep your arms at your sides and inhale.

5. Try stretching your back as long as you can while taking a deep breath.

6. Now, slowly lift both your legs at an angle of 50 degrees from the floor.

7. After raising both legs, raise both arms above your torso. Make sure that arms are raised parallel to the floor.

8. Note that your both arms and legs lie in a straight line and elbows are not bent during the posture.

9. Balance your body weight on your buttocks and hold the posture for few seconds.

10. To release the pose, lower down both legs and arms while taking a deep breath.

11. Relax in Corpse Pose (Savasana) for 5 minutes and come back in the normal position.

Benefits of Performing Uttanpadasana (Raised Leg Pose)

1. Uttanpadasana is an effective pose in stomach disorders like constipation, and acidity.

2. If the asana is performed daily, it can strengthen your hip, back and thigh muscles.

3. In addition, the pose also reduces your belly fat and tones the stomach muscles. Therefore, the pose is commonly performed and preferred by people who are overweight.

4. It removes back pain. Initially, the asana may feel painful but practicing this asana regularly helps to strengthen your back.

5. The pose is also beneficial for those who are facing the problem of naval displacement.

6. Uttanpadasana releases an adequate amount of enzymes and prevents indigestion and flatulence.

Precautions to Be Taken While Performing Uttanpadasana

  • Avoid this pose if you are suffering from abdominal injury or abdominal pain.
  • Do not perform the pose if you are pregnant or having menstruation.
  • It is also advised to not practice the pose if you have high blood pressure or slipped disc.
  • Always perform the yoga asana with an empty stomach or 4 hours after the meal.
  • Do not perform the asana without the guidance of a yoga expert.
  • Do asana within your limits and with the consultation of a doctor.

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