Vajrasana – The Diamond Pose! Learn How To Practice This Yoga Posture & Explore Its Benefits

Yoga Not Only Transforms Your Looks; It Transforms Your Spirit!

The word “Yoga “is an impactful term that is derived from the Sanskrit word “Yuj”; it means to merge or integrate the spirit and physical body.

This is a spiritual and peaceful form of exercise evolved thousands of years back in India. It includes several forms of posture and exercises to keep a person healthy and fresh. Yoga posture is also considered as a strong method of meditation which helps in relaxation of mind and body.

Things To Know Prior To Start Vajrasana - The Diamond Pose

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Vajrasana”! Also known as, “Diamond Pose” or “Kneeling Pose” or “Thunderbolt Pose”. Like the other asana Vajrasana is also a Sanskrit word in which Vajra means “Diamond or Thunderbolt” and Asana means “Pose”. Experts said that while doing this yoga posture the body becomes as strong as a diamond, therefore it is known as “The Diamond Pose”.

Vajrasana is one of the easiest asana in yoga which includes numerous health benefits. If you want to know more about this famous and helpful asana then, keep on reading this article.

Things To Know Prior To Start Vajrasana – The Diamond Pose

Though yoga is an activity which is expected to be performed on an empty stomach, but Vajrasana is an exceptional case. You can practice this asana even after a meal. In fact, it is recommended by the experts to perform this asana immediately after a meal as it promotes proper digestion.

How to Practice Vajrasana – The Diamond Pose ?

  • To begin this asana firstly fold up your legs (Kneel down) and sit down by the help of your knees.
  • Stretch your lower legs backward and keep them together, make sure your big toes should cross each other.
  • Enjoy the relaxing mode and let your buttocks rest on your heels and thighs on your calf muscles.
  • Don’t lose your body; put your hands on your knees and look forward and set your head completely straight
  • Now it’s time to give full focus on your inhale and exhale actions, Breath-in and breathe-out both are important action which you should observe carefully.
  • You could close your eyes to concentrate on your breathing and to calm your mind.
  • Try to stay in this position for a minimum of 5 to 10 minutes.

Precautions And Contraindications

Well, this yoga asana is quite safe and easy but, still there are few cautions one must keep in mind while practicing this posture:

  • If you have any knee injury or pain or you have gone through knee treatment in recent days then you should completely avoid this asana.
  • Also if you are suffering from any issue with lower vertebrae (problem in spinal column ailments ) then you should avoid this asana.
  • People who are facing some medical issue in intestinal ulcers, hernia, or any other problems related to the large or small intestine should perform this pose under supervision or expert yogi.
  • Pregnant women should keep their knees slightly apart when they practice this asana so that they avoid putting pressure on their abdomen.

Beginner’s Tips To Perform Vajrasana -The Diamond Pose!

For the beginner also the asana is very simple but in some cases, a person might face legs pain. If this is the case with you then you need to pause the asana for a while, take a break and stretch your legs forward. If you struggling badly then you can give your ankles, knees, and calf muscles a good massage, it will help you lessen your pain.

Also if you are a beginner then try not to hold the pose for a long while and don’t force your body. Take your time and gradually increase the duration.

What Are The Advantages Of Practicing Vajrasana – The Diamond Pose?

Vajrasana is great asana to perform as it includes several benefits, let’s find out here:

  • With regular practice, the Vajrasana helps in improve the digestion and reduce constipation.
  • This asana also prevents ulcers and acidity.
  • It will make your back stronger and also helps in reducing the lower back pain and sciatica.
  • The diamond pose strengthens the pelvic muscles too.
  • This particular asana is quite helpful for pregnant women and women going through Menstruation. It helps to ease out labor pains and also reduces menstrual cramps.

Advance Pose & Variation In Vajrasana!

Advance Pose & Variation In Vajrasana!

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Supta Vajrasana is the advanced variation of the Vajrasana. This is the advance pose, in which firstly you have to sit in Vajrasana and then you need to bend backward and place forearms and elbow on the floor.

After this pose, you have to make an arch by the help of your spine and neck and let your head touches the floor. The Supta Vajrasana is popular yoga asana assist you to strengthen the muscles in the neck, back, and chest. It will also help in treating lungs problem. But, if you are beginner then make sure you first try hands-on Vajrasana and practice the Supta Vajrasana under the guidance of a yoga instructor.

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