Warrior I Pose – How to Perform and Benefits

Warrior Pose or Virabhadrasana is the most effective yoga pose performed to strengthen the shoulders, back muscles, and thighs. The pose is named after Virbhadra – a fierce warrior and an incarnation of god Shiva. The asana is one of the most beautiful yoga postures that add beauty to the practice.

Regular practice of Virabhadrasana increases flexibility and tones the ankles and feet. Though the pose has different alignments lessons to learn with some twists, like the name it symbolizes to focus on inner ability and strength.

Benefits of Performing Warrior I Pose

• The asana when practiced daily stretches the lungs, chest and rejuvenates the body.
• It is a beneficial therapy to cure sciatica.
• It improves concentration, groundedness and brings grace and peace.
• Virabhadrasana strengthens arms, legs and lowers back.
• It further encourages flexibility and warms all of the muscles.

Steps to Perform Warrior I Pose

Steps to Perform Warrior I Pose

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To begin with the pose, follow the below steps.

1. Stand straight on the flat surface with legs apart at a distance of 3-5 feet.
2. Next, turn your left foot at 90 degrees out and right foot nearly 15 degrees inside.
3. Now lift both your arms sideways equals to the height of shoulder with palms facing upwards.
4. Bend your left knee and turn your head towards left.
5. Raise both of your arms above your head, stretch and join them like you fold hands when praying.
6. Stay in the pose, and stretch your arms as far as you can.
7. Hold the pose like a warrior, look forward and keep breathing as you lower your body.
7. Breath out and pull your hands down from the sides.
8. Now, repeat the same posture for another side.

Precautions to be Taken

People suffering from spinal disorders or just have recovered from severe back or hand damage should not do this pose. It is advised to avoid Warrior I Pose if you are having diarrhea. Pregnant ladies or those who are in the second and third semester can take the support of wall if required. All the yoga poses should be performed under the guidance of yoga experts.

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