Warrior II Pose | How to Perform and its Benefits

In the last article, we studied what Warrior Pose is actually all about. There are certain variations to do this pose, the yoga beginner’s starts with the Warrior Pose and ends up doing 5 different warrior poses after continuous practice. Warrior II or Virabhadrasana II is a yoga pose that enhances concentration, stability and improves the strength of the body.

The pose is named after a mythological warrior Virabhadra, an avatar of god Shiva. He was dark, fierce deity with flaming eyes and hair and wearing a garland full of skulls. The physical expression of this yoga pose represents the attention and strength required to get ready for the upcoming battle. This standing yoga-asana can be performed by any level of practitioner. It helps stretch the hip muscles, legs and also improves inner stamina and power. Let’s read out the benefits and steps to perform Warrior II Pose.

Benefits of Doing Warrior II or Virabhadra Asana

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Benefits of Doing Warrior II or Virabhadra Asana

• Virabhadra asana, when practiced daily, helps in relieving back aches, increase stamina and activates healthy digestion.

• It also tones the ankles, arches of feet, abdomen and opens up the chest and shoulders increasing circulation throughout the body.

• The Warrior II Pose helps to create a balance between steadiness and comfort which is essential in any pose.

• It helps to get rid of osteoporosis, carpal tunnel syndrome, infertility, and sciatica.

• Most importantly, the asana stretches and strengthens the legs and ankles.

Steps to Perform Virabhadrasana or Warrior II Pose

Steps to Perform Virabhadrasana or Warrior II Pose

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Note: It is best to perform yoga asanas in morning, especially if the asana is done to improve concentration. Make sure that you do this asana when your stomach is empty or when there is a gap of at least 4-5 hours between meals.

To begin the asana follow the below steps.

1. Stand straight on the yoga mat or on a flat surface with legs 3-4 feet apart.

2. Next, turn your left foot outwards at 90 degrees and right foot at 15 degrees inwards. Remember to note that your left heel should be aligned to the center of the right foot.

3. Now, lift both your arms, upwards in a way that it should come equally to your shoulders. Keep your palms facing upwards.

4. Inhale and when you exhale bend your left knee, make sure that your knee should not come over the ankle; instead, it should form a straight line.

5. Now, slowly turn your head to the left side.

6. Be comfortable in the pose, stretch your arms and slowly lower down your body.

7. Inhale and come back in the original pose, while dropping down the arms as you exhale.

8. Next, repeat the same pose with another side.

Precautions to be taken

Warrior II Pose should always be done under the supervision of a yoga instructor. Do not perform this pose if you have suffered any shoulder injury or just have recovered from illness.

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