7 Yin Yoga Poses to Upgrade your Metabolism

If you are addicted to bath with sweat to go for a charming pose then Yin Yoga is the best warm-up that you can opt for. Yin and Yang in the Chinese philosophy describes how unlike and repulsive forces are certainly attached with each other and are mutually dependent with the nature world. Yin Yoga Poses initially noted as too slow and simple and unexciting as well. But this long practice of yoga calmly holds down the poses and has endless benefits for Yoga masters.

Each Yin Yoga Poses are hold for around 5 -7 minutes and targets on working on body’s associating tissue. It also excites the mind to earn inner peace. Yin Yoga is the practice that is framed to help you sit for a long time, more easily and cozily in a deep thought or meditation by spreading out the conjoining tissues that involves knees, spine and sacrum.

Yin Yoga Poses works on both physical and energetic level. Relating to a physical level it boosts up the natural range of movements and actions in the joints resulting in the flexibility in the yoga poses. Relating it with an energetic level it focuses on strengthening the nadis often called as (energy channels), which eventually goads the immune system and well being.

Yin Yoga sequences guides to bring back the healthy flow of breath or life force buttoned up to liver and gall bladder meridians, to assist the metabolism and its natural power to take out non-essential toxins and wastage.

Yin Yoga Poses – to restore energy flow

Sphinx Pose –

Sphinx Pose or Salamba Bhujangasana helps the people having lower back ache and cut downs the pressure on the vertebrates. It stretches the lungs and shoulders. To begin with this pose simply lies down on the flat surface with your belly side. Uplift your chest pushing the floor down with your elbows such that your elbow lays under your shoulders and your antibrachium i.e. your forearms lies strictly side by side to each other. Take a deep breath and lift your body up and head away from the surface, keeping your feet strictly on the floor.

Saadle Pose –

People who have to stand or walk for a long time should do this Yin Yoga Pose as this Saddle Pose stretches the overall joints of the legs right from the ankles to knees and thighs to lumbar spine. Bend your knees and sit on your heels on the flat surface. Now bend your body backwards towards the floor making a little arch along with your lower back, supporting yourself on your elbows. You cannot pose the perfect posture immediately for the saddle pose but yes soon you will be the expertise in it if you practice it regularly.

Dangling Pose –

Dangling Pose is one of the easiest Yin Yoga Poses that one can do. It slowly stretches the lower spine and squeezes the stomach and other internal organs. To begin with the pose, stand straight on the surface. Spread out your legs out around 2-3 feet. Bend your upper body in the downward direction and fold your hands crossing each other.

Butterfly Pose –

To get into the Butterfly Yin Yoga Pose, gradually sit on the floor and bring nearer your soles together as much as you can. Allow your upper body to bend forward. Rest down your hands on your feet. Try to touch your head to the heels. Butterfly pose stretches your lower back. It is beneficial for the kidney patients and also makes childbirth easier by helping ovaries to work and function properly.

Caterpillar Pose –

Caterpillar pose helps in digestion and stretches the spine. Sit straightly on the flat surface and push your legs out straight in front of you. Don’t bend your knees just bend your upper body in the forward direction and try to touch your head to your knees with forearms touching the floor.

Camel Pose –

Camel Pose or Ustrasana is another easiest Yin Yoga Postures that opens the shoulder muscles and strengthens the legs. It also cut downs the fats of thighs and improves the flexibility and posture. Sit down on the flat surface on your heels. Keep your hands back on the floor and now lift your hips in the forward direction. Automatically when you will lift your hips your back will make an arch. Or you can also put your hands back on the heel and can stretch your body more by keeping your arms straight.

Ankle Pose –

Ankle Pose strengthens the ankles and opens the front of the legs. The pose is meant to hold for 2-3 minutes not so long. Sit on the floor on your heels. Lean backwards by supporting your hands to the floor and keep your heart forward. You can lift your knees upwards too. Simply you have to make a half moon.

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