Miraculous benefits of Yoga during Pregnancy

Yoga is the antique kind of exercise that has added in the holistic livelihood of people in the most trusted and natural way since years. Yoga is parallel to a divine path to acquire a peaceful mind and hale and hearty body.

In the time of pregnancy, when women struggle with mood swing at changeable stages, fatigue and poor health, aching leg cramps and breathing troubles; yoga practices, manners and postures ease all such circumstances ensuring a time of comforted 9 months followed by an uncomplicated labor and smooth delivery. Yoga During Pregnancy can also help in relieving tension around the cervix and labor vessel through opening the pelvis for normal delivery.

Yoga Protections During Pregnancy

First consult your doctor and then go with these Yoga Poses. For the 1st trimester, standing Yoga positions are always suggested as they will help to make the legs stronger, increase circulation, create energy and may decrease leg cramps.

For the period of 2nd and 3rd trimester, you may lessen your time used up for exercising the yoga asanas to keep away from tiredness and overwork. In this position, deliberate more on breathing and meditation.

It is also not suggested to exercise from the 10th to 14th week of your Pregnancy since this time is very critical. Don’t overstretch the abdomen; the stress of your twisting positions must be on the upper segment of your back and the shoulders, not on the abdomen. Set aside of doing inversion.

Significant Yoga During Pregnancy

The Poses prearranged below are incredibly trouble-free and easy to start with. These poses are particularly elected from numerous of yoga for pregnant ladies that contemplate on strengthening the pelvic muscles to amplify the womb space for trouble-free and vigorous growth of the infant.

The following are the Yoga Postures that can help you in the symptoms of pregnancy, assuring simpler and normal delivery and even more rapidly recovery after childbirth.

1.     Sukhasana


  • Calms body
  • Mitigate (relieve) body strain and Anxiety
  • Make your back stronger
  • Get better alignment
  • Helps in muscle relaxation
  • Stretches your legs, knees and ankles

2.     Vakrasana (A Twisted Pose)

Vakrasana A Twisted Pose

  • Calms and relaxed mind
  • Flexibility of spine and back
  • Stretch your hips, thighs, back and shoulders
  • Ease abdominal organs
  • Enhance digestion and metabolism

3.     Marjari Asana (A Cat Pose)

Marjari Asana A Cat Pose

  • Elasticity of your spine and back
  • Elevate blood circulation
  • Relaxes your mind
  • Make wrist and shoulder strong
  • Does Muscle stretching

4.     Bhadrasana (A Butterfly pose)

Bhadrasana: A Butterfly pose

Bhadrasana (A Butterfly pose) is the best Yoga During Pregnancy.

  • Lightens your fatigue, strain and pain
  • Make inside thighs and pelvic area strong
  • Lift up your elasticity
  • Get better digestion
  • Inspire reproductive organs
  • Best Yoga Pose for smooth usual delivery

5.     Utkatasana (A Chair Pose)

Utkatasana A Chair Pose

  • Strengthens your muscles of chest and hips
  • Make torso and lower back stronger
  • Stretches your shoulders and chest
  • Add to determination
  • Tones and calm down the muscles of legs, thighs, knee and ankle

6.     Virbhadrasana (A Warrior Pose)

Virbhadrasana A Warrior Pose

  • Tone your belly muscles
  • Make arms, legs and back stronger
  • Relieves stress and soreness from shoulders
  • Boost your stamina

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7.     Yastikasana (A Stick Pose)

Yastikasana A Stick Pose

  • Enhances concentration
  • Relax mind
  • Exercises to muscles of abdominal & pelvic
  • Make your thighs and back stronger
  • Stretches complete body

8.     Parsva Konasana (Side Angle Pose)

Parsva Konasana Side Angle Pose

  • Pick up your postures
  • Lessen your muscular cramps and back soreness
  • Raises flexibility
  • Enhances stamina
  • Exercises on your pelvic muscle and inside thighs
  • Stretches your arms, thighs and body

9.     Parvatasana (Mountain Pose)

Parvatasana Mountain Pose

  • Raises concentration
  • Get better attitude for your body
  • Calm down your mind
  • Mild stretching
  • Ease from back pain
  • Make joints and lower body stronger

10.    Shavasana (A Corpse Pose)

Shavasana A Corpse Pose

Remember, practice it asana in the ending of completing all the yoga poses.

  • Relax your mind
  • Lessen your anxiety level
  • Peaceful your entire body
  • Recover your blood pressure
  • Useful in Insomnia Rejuvenate

Yoga During Pregnancy can lend a hand you prepare your mind and whole body for labor pain and delivery that assist you to concentrate and keep you healthy. These yoga postures are very crucial ways to have your body full of life and supple and diminish the frequent pregnancy symptoms such as morning ill health and constipation.

But always bear in mind, Positions that put pressure on the abdomen and other hard postures should not be done for the duration of advance periods of pregnancy. You don’t have to do all these poses and remember to listen to your body and only do as much as you simply can.)

Essential Safety Measures

Although above specified Asana and Poses are easy and effective. But remember

  • Do it in the direction of any Yoga instructor.
  • Ask your doctor before doing any of the pose.
  • If you ever experience dizzy while doing any asana, stop and breathe normally. Stretch just as much as you can. Don’t push yourself to absolute the asana.
  • Do Yoga pose with empty stomach, don’t eat or drink before doing yoga. You can take after 15 minutes of completing Yoga.
  • Take good care of your health and even Diet during Pregnancy.

Some most vital reminders about safety measures:

  • Mothers who are suffering from Asthma can try above given asanas but should not hold breath during the practice of pranayams.
  • Avoid forward bending poses (i.e. strong back bends like boat pose), inverted postures and asanas that may put pressure on your abdomen. Poses that need lying down on the weight of your stomach or abdomen should be strictly avoided
  • Poses including balance must be done with extra care
  • On the beginning of pregnancy trimesters, there are some exercises but it cannot be carried throughout all pregnancy months. For example, Konasana (angle poses) should not be continual post seven months of pregnancy. Once the mother experiences uncomfortable doing a pose, it is suggested to stop immediately without stretching the muscles.
  • If mother feel any pain or sickness doing any of the exercises, then they must stop immediately and consult with doctor.


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