Yoga for Cancer: A Magic Stick to Relieve Pain

Cancer patients who daily practice yoga as therapy throughout their treatment often refers to the yoga practice as a life saver. Yoga for Cancer is the perfect way to strengthen their bodies and manage with the uncomfortable side-effects of treatment, both through and after the treatment. While the interest in more holistic approaches to cure is growing, yoga therapy for cancer patients is emerging as one of the most successful techniques for fighting the physical discomfort of cancer and treatment of cancer.

With gentle Yoga for Cancer, patients can work magic on many stages. Firstly, Yoga used as therapy for cancer can help clear out toxins increased during treatment more effectively. Yoga poses not only stimulates the muscles but also raises blood flow, increases the lymphatic flow in the body and balances the glands, all of these poses increases the body’s internal purification procedures.

Effective Yoga for Cancer asanas-

Savasana Pose (Corpse pose)

Savasana Pose

Every yoga pose starts and ends with Savasana, a relaxing pose and a great way to release muscle tension and stress. It controls body temperature, heart rate and even blood pressure and calms your mind at the same time.

How to do:
  • Take a pillow or folded blanket at one end of a yoga mat and lie down flat with your back relaxing on the pillow or blanket.
  • Keep your legs flat on the yoga mat and open up your legs on each side of the mat, putting your knees twisted and your hands at your sides with palms facing up.
  • Close your eyes and relax your body
  • Take deep breaths for few minutes. (Because in this relaxing pose, deep breathing practices relax and calm the mind, releasing all the muscle tension)

Supta Baddha Konasana (The Reclined Bound Angle Pose)

Supta Baddha Konasana

This is most effective and healing Yoga for Cancer that relaxes the mind, body and spirit. It is helpful in insomnia, fatigue and anxiety. It also improves the breathing and opens the chest.

How to do:
  • Sit down with extended legs and bend your knees and join the soles of your feet together.
  • Fall the knees down as much as possible and comfortable.
  • Lean backwards relaxing the elbows on the ground.
  • Close your eyes and inhale comfortably letting your body to stretch.

Setu bandhasana (Bridge Pose)

Setu bandhasana

Setu bandhasana is a classic yoga pose that helps in improving spinal flexibility and strengthening the spine. It also stimulates good circulation and gives relaxation by gently stretching the muscle tissue close by the breasts.

How to do:
  • To get into bridge pose, lie down flat on your back on the floor.
  • Tilt your knees and have them hip-width apart, taking the soles of your feet parallel on the yoga mat and near to the butt.
  • Raise your hips upwards and place your hands beside your body.

Virabhadrasana (Warrior II Pose)


This pose stretches chest, thighs, shoulders and lungs. It corrects painful conditions around the scrum and it increases stamina also.

How to do:
  • Begin with Tadasana Pose and take a large step back with your left foot.
  • Right leg twisted out to the top of your yoga mat, left leg twisted slightly about 45-60 degrees.
  • Stand with erect legs, compress 4 corners of legs into the floor and firm your legs up.
  • Breathe in as you lift your arms parallel to the ground.
  • Look out over the right arm.
  • Your body must be right angle with the ground.

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Anjaneyasana (Crescent Lunge Pose)


It strengthens and stretches the lower and upper body containing the groin, legs and hip flexor. This pose is also beneficial in managing physical pain such as pre and post surgery.

How to do:
  • Begin with Adho Mukha Svanasana. Breathe out and step your right leg forward between your hands.
  • Breathe in and lift your torso upright. At the similar time, sweep your arms large to the sides and lift them overhead, palms facing together with placing your biceps next to your ears.
  • On the next exhale, let your hips stay ahead and down until you experience a stretch in the front of your left foot.
  • Raise your back knee off the floor for a full Crescent Lunge.

Hero Pose (Virasana Pose)

Hero Pose

This meditative posture helps in improving your position and stretches your thighs and ankles to support good circulation and decrease swelling.

How to do:

  • Kneel on the ground with your thighs vertical to the ground and touch your inner knees together then sit between your feet.
  • Release your internal thighs towards the ground and keep your legs just outside your hips.
  • Keep your hands on your thighs and stretch your spine. Compress your toenails into the floor to continually stimulate your feet.
  • Stay this pose for one minute.

The deep and relaxing breathing often highlighted in Yoga for Cancer therapy also raises the level of oxygen-rich blood to the cells, sending vital nutrients to weary cells and further clearing out toxins.

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