Yoga for diabetes: For healthy and disease free life

With the growing number of people being detected with diabetes, it is no wonder researchers are finding for new technique to treat the disease. One of the keystones of controlling one’s blood sugar is daily and holistic practice. Yoga for Diabetes is one such ancient way to do so.

Diabetes is originated when your blood cells do not react to insulin formed in the body. When you follow yoga for diabetes, your body begins reacting to insulin, helping to decrease your blood glucose. Yoga also helps develop blood circulation in your body, mostly in the arms and feet where diabetes patients most frequently encounter problems. It is the best way to fight against stress both at body and brain level which in turn helps maintain one’s glucose levels down.

Know yoga for diabetes in fighting a general condition of diabetes these are:



The most energetic and powerful breathing yoga and the stomach actions in Kapalbhati excite the pancreas.


  • Sit down in cross-legged position with straight spine and stomach in the pulled position.
  • Arms put on the lap with thumb and fingertips are meeting.
  • This position lines up the spine with the rear of your head.
  • Calm your stomach muscles and force out the air as you are at ease with, by the nose.
  • This should cause the stomach muscles to adopt sharply and should draw the stomach inwards and outwards the backbone. Then allow the breathing to occur fully passively without any extra effort.
  • To do again, the exhalation is completed using conscious quick force, while the inhalation is only a recoil act bringing the air back into the lungs.
  • All the breathing process occurs by the nose. After passive inhalation, exhale again with force and carry on at a steady rhythm.
  • Do 10 times of 20-30 repetitions each.

Kapalbhati is one of the best yoga for diabetes.



Inhale in deeply and exhale helps oxygenate your blood and gets better circulation. It also relaxes your mind and provides your upset nerves some much required rest.


  • Sit down on a mat on the ground and hold your feet cross-legs.
  • Straighten your back; put your chin parallel to the ground, keep your hands on the knees with palms that facing upwards and close your eyes.
  • Breathe in deep and clasp your breath for 5 counts.
  • Now exhale gently and repeat this procedure at least 10 times.
  • Once you are completed, warm up your hands by rubbing them and put them on your eyes.
  • Now gently open them and smile.
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Paschimotasana is the great yoga for diabetes because it is well-known to stimulate the performance of the internal body organs like pancreas, liver and kidney. It is a sitting yoga pose also mentioned to as the ‘forward seated bend’.


  • Sit on the earth in a comfortable pose with feet outstretched in front.
  • Twist your head to touch your knees and breathe out completely.
  • Hold the toes with your hands. Keep this posture for a few breaths.
  • Inhale when you come back to the original pose.
  • Repeat this yoga pose 2-3 times.




This posture not just helps maintain one’s blood pressure in control but also helps to calm the mind, stretches the neck and spine, improves your digestion, relieves the signs of menopause in women.


  • Lie down on your mat with your legs flat on the earth.
  • Breathe out and lift up your legs off the ground.
  • Lift your body up such that your head and neck is plane on the mat and the rest of your body is in air.
  • You can utilize your hands to press down for additional support.
  • If your body is flexible you can even hold your fingers just under your lifted back for that added stretch.




This is a simple and effective pose which is the best to relax the mind, raises digestion, and presses the kanda. According to Ayurvedic beliefs, kanda is an area about 12 inches above the anus which is a point of junction for over 72000 nerves.


  • Kneel down on the yoga mat and let the upper surface of the legs touch the mat such as your heels are pointing upwards.
  • Now slowly put your buttocks on heels. It’s crucial to remember that your heels are on either side of your anus.
  • Bring your knees to the floor, toes together and heels apart then sit between your heels.
  • Put the palms of your hands on the knees.
  • Close your eyes and breathing normally.

Good meal and few minutes of Yoga for Diabetes daily – the golden rules to memorize if you are a diabetic.

A number of people with diabetes are moving towards the yoga poses to keep their condition under control and get better the overall quality of life. It is recognized that daily practice of these diabetes yoga can help decrease the stress levels, lower your blood pressure, raise mobility and recover entire wellbeing.

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