Say Goodbye to Glasses and Welcome to Yoga for Eyes

Multitudes of the yogic poses and workouts target to improve the functionality of particular organs of the body.

Yoga for Eyes gives a series of eye exercises that improve the functionality of the eyes and helps to overcome several eye-related problems like

  • Myopia or Short sightedness
  • Long sightedness or Hypermetropia
  • Many other eye-related problems

Nowadays about 35% of the population suffers from Hypermetropia and Myopia in varying degrees.

These disorders are generally overcome by powerful lenses and glasses that correct the refractive errors of the eyes. However, everyone needs to know that glasses never cure bad eyesight. In fact, extra use of powerful glasses can worsen eye problems. So, one must use glasses simply when absolutely needed.



  • Sit silently with eyes closed and take a few deep breaths to calm yourself completely.
  • Rub your palms forcefully until they become warm and keep the palms gently on your eye lids.
  • Feel the warmness of the palms being transferred onto the eyes and the eye muscles getting relaxed. Your eyes are being covered in soothing darkness.
  • Keep in this posture until the heat from your hands has been totally absorbed by the eyes.
  • Keep your eyes closed and lower the hands.
  • Once again rub your palms and repeat this process at least 3 times in a day.



Source – “testtube”

  • Sit with open eyes.
  • Blink just about 10 times in a very quick manner.
  • Close your eyes and rest for 20 seconds. Slowly concentrate on your breath.
  • Repeat this exercise in gaps of 5 times.

It is the perfect Yoga for Eyes. With blinking you can also try Eye Rotation – Up and Down, Eye Rotation – Sideways and Eye Rotations – Clockwise – Anti-Clockwise

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Bhastrika Pranayam or bellows breathe

Bhastrika Pranayam

Source -“astrology.astrosage”

Beside with providing a refreshing physical and mental experience, this breathing method increases blood circulation to the head, so improving the hearing and vision.

  • Sit in Sukhasana or Padmasana on the mat, keep the spine straight.
  • Focus on the Manipura Chakra, fold your right hand in Pranayam Mudra.
  • With your thumb, close your right nostril.
  • Breathe in and breathe out forcefully and rapidly approximately 20 times by your left nostril.
  • Breathe in and breathe out deeply the last time with left nostril (20th breath).
  • Now, close the left nostril and do the same process again with the right nostril.
  • It makes one round of Bhastrika.
  • Relax yourself for approximately 30 seconds before repeating this procedure. Repeat the process for 10 minutes.

Bahya Pranayam

Bahya Pranayam

Source- “eyogaguru”

Along with being a perfect way to cleanse the lungs and improve the circulation, it also helps in relieving disorders connected with reproductive organs. Ensure that this bahya pranayam is done empty stomach.

  • Sit in a Padmasana or Sukhasana Pose.
  • Breathe in deeply and empty your lungs with vigorous exhalation.
  • Now, keep your breathing lock your chin with the chest. It is known as the Jalandhars Bandha.
  • Draw your belly inwards as much as possible so that it comes nearer to your spine. It is also named as the Udhiyana Bandha.
  • Now, maintain the groin muscles upwards or stay in Mooladhara bandha.
  • Hold the Bandhas together for just about 10-15 seconds to begin with. Take a deep breath and release the Bandhas.
  • Repeat this for 2 minutes, to start with, increase the time up to 5-7 minutes.

Agnisara Kriya

Agnisara Kriya

Source- “eyogaguru”

Agnisara is a blend of two Sanskrit words – Agni (fire) and sara (washing or cleansing). To be more accurate, this pose focuses on cleansing the fire or Manipura chakra positioned near the abdomen button.

  • Stand with your feet apart from each other and take a long and deep breath.
  • Turn your knees slightly.
  • Twist your head slightly downwards and breathe out by your mouth.
  • Ensure that the back is straight always with your abdominal muscles in comfortable position. Draw your navel up and inwards so that it comes closer to your backbone.
  • Hold your breath for about 15 counts and then flap the stomach muscles, onward and backward 10 times with the breath under hold.

Trataka – Meditation

Trataka – Meditation

It is the form of meditation that helps with vision correction also. Trataka, in Sanskrit refers to looking at an object constantly for a fixed period of time. Individual has to sit in a relaxed position when you practice this eye exercise. Keep the lights of your room dim so that you will be able to focus better.

  • Sit in the pose of Vajrasana, Sukhasana or Padmasana on your mat. People who are suffering from back pain can help themselves by leaning against a wall as this practice is slightly time consuming.
  • Keep an object, preferably a candle at just about two feet away from you.
  • Taking normal breaths gaze at the object without blinking your eyes as long as you can. At first, you can count up to 50. Enhance the gazing duration slowly to get more benefits.

Udgeeth Pranayama

In Udgeeth Pranayama, you are expected to chant “OM”. It is ideal for those people who want to relax themselves. Kids can also practice this to enhance their memory power. This breathing exercise includes inhalation and exhalation of longer duration. In this Yoga for Eyes, you should –

  • Sit in Padmasana.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • As you breathe out, chant Om as long as you can. The longer you may hold your breath, the better are the results.
  • One chanting is equal to one round. Relax with your eyes closed; breathe normally for approximately 15 seconds before moving forward with the next repetition.
  • Repeat this practice for 2-3 minutes to start with, slowly enhance the duration to 10 minutes.

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