Avoid Medication and Go with Yoga for Thyroid to Treat it

The body’s metabolism is regulated via the endocrine system, mainly the thyroid gland. Yoga for thyroid is considered to be successful as it has a positive effect on the limbs of the endocrine system, particularly by stimulating the thyroid and parathyroid glands.

Yoga has great power in treating of thyroid disorder. The multiple twisting, stretching and compressing yoga asanas massage the thyroid gland and initiate it to release thyroxin thereby helping in body metabolism.

Yoga for thyroid is the crucial natural solution to treat thyroid disorders. The different yoga poses give thyroid treatment. These poses are also good for prevention and management of thyroid.


Sarvangasana is the most critical pose to encourage the thyroid gland and control thyroxin. It is the most effective yoga where blood flow occurs from the legs to the head due to its reversed condition that helps in healing of thyroid.


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How to do:

It is also known as shoulder stand. Here, you have to first lie down on a yoga mat and relax your back on the ground. Then you have to try raising your legs up. You can even take the help of your hands for the same. Try to relax your hands on your back so that they can help you stay steady in this pose. Now, once your legs are in the upward direction, try to take them in a straight alignment with your body and extend it as much as you can. Keep the pose for 30 seconds and then release.


Halasana is one of the superior yoga pose, easy to practice and includes lots of benefits. Hala means “plow” and asana means “posture”. So it’s also named as plow pose. Plow is a very popular agriculture instrument utilized to prepare the soil for sowing seeds.


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How to do:

To start with, lie on the yoga carpet and bring the legs together. Lift your legs up to an angle of 90 degree. Push your palms; raise your legs and waist, twisting forwards, bending your back and resting the legs on the ground above the head. Gradually, try to place the big toe on the ground and keep the legs erect. Maintain the whole weight on the shoulder blades, move both the hands above the head bond your fingers and hold your head with it and rest your elbows on the ground. Shift a little forward keeping your thumb toes outward. Maintain the pose for 100 counts then release the fingers over your head, pressing your palms on the ground bringing back the thumb toe and slowly bring the body and legs to the ground. Doing this pose up to 2 rounds is enough.

Viparitakarani (Inverted Pose)

In Viparitakarani, the denotation of Viparita is ‘reverse’ and Karni means is ‘by which’. Viparitakarani helps to balance the functioning of thyroid and reduces the complication caused by hypoactive thyroid. It is also one of the crucial asanas for thyroid disorder.

How to do:

Lie down on the back. The arms are straighted, next to the body. Bend the knees while inhaling and lift the legs and buttocks up. Take the hands under the hips to hold the buttocks. Elbows stay on the floor. Stretch the legs perpendicularly upwards. Calm the muscles of the legs, hips and feet. Inhaling normally, stay in this pose as long as you can. Exhale; twist the knees towards the forehead, gently lower the legs and buttocks and return to the initial position.

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Matsyasana (Fish Pose)

Matsya means “a fish”, in the last pose, the asana takes the shape of a fish. So the name is Matsyasana.


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How to do:

Sit on the carpet; bend both the legs like Padmasana, Sukasana or Ardha Padmasana. Keeping your hands on the carpet and gradually lie down. Keep the palms beside the ears, towards the shoulder blade. Push your palms and waist, lift the head and trunk. Then put the crown of the head on the ground. Put both the hands on the thighs and rest the elbow on the ground. If possible, clasp the toe with the fingers. Now the crown of your head and lower body on the ground creating an arc shape on the back. Keep the pose for at least 50 or 100 counts. Release the fingers, push the palms on the ground and lift the head and shoulder blade, relax them on the ground. Open out the legs, straighten them and do savasana.

Beside these yoga poses for thyroid, you can also practice Camel Pose, Cobra Pose, Surya Namaskar, Bow Pose, Bridge Formation Pose and Headstand Pose (Sirshasana).

Yoga is much more beneficial than other exercises. It helps in bringing the mind, body and spirit into perfect balance. It’s an excellent choice for healing people suffering from thyroid diseases. This disease grows in the body when the thyroid glands are not working properly. It becomes incapable of creating the hormones needed for regulating metabolism in the required amount.

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