Child’s Pose – Know the Steps to Perform and its Benefits

Child’s pose or balasana is actually a resting posture in the middle of yoga practice. Besides a resting posture, it is a great stretching asana for the whole body. It reconnects you with your breaths and makes you prepare to move forward. While practicing yoga postures you often forget focusing on breathing, the balasana makes you focus on the pose and also improves the inhale and exhale activities.

Benefits of Doing Child’s Pose

Benefits of Doing Child’s Pose

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• It helps stretch the thighs, ankles, and hips.

• The pose when performed frequently, increases blood circulation and relieves headache symptoms.

• It stretches lower back, knees, and neck.

Steps to Do Balasana | Child Pose

Steps to Do Balasana | Child Pose

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1. Kneel on the floor, sit on your heels and separate your knees slightly wide as your hips.

2. Rest your buttock on heels, and sit straight while lengthening your spine through the crown of your head.

3. Exhale and bow forward, drap your torso between thighs. Make sure that your chest and heart should rest on top of thighs.

4. Next, allow your forehead to come to the floor.

5. Keep your arms extended while palms facing down.

6. Either, bring your arms back to rest alongside your thighs, with palms facing up.

7. Keep your vision to draw inward with eyes closed.

8. Hold the pose for a minute and breathe softly.


Avoid practicing the pose if you are having the knee injury. The pregnant woman should only practice the wide-legged version of the pose. Always perform the pose under the guidance of yoga expert.

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