4 Best Yoga Poses to Strengthen Your Core

Yoga is all about learning and practicing. It does not only relieve the stress, calms the mind and improves body functioning but also deeper core muscles to keep the body steady while maintaining the balance. Before we start reading about the yoga poses to straighten the core, let’s know what, a core is? A core is not just a single muscle, it is a group of muscles in the torso that functions together to support both pelvis and spine.

The muscles like serratus anterior, iliopsoas and obliques maintain stability, balance and give the power to lift the body. So, here are some yoga poses to strengthen your lower back muscles and abdominals.

1. Downward Facing Dog Pose

1. Downward Facing Dog Pose

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Downward Facing Dog Pose is the most recommended yoga asana to target the lower back. To begin with the pose, lie with your belly on the flat surface. Next, lift your body up with the support of hands and knees while putting your wrists under the shoulders. Stretch out your arms as much as possible and relax.

Lift your knees off the floor and try to bring your upper part close to the knees making the body into shape ‘A’. Hold the pose for 5-10 breaths and return to the position.

2.  Side Plank

2. Side Plank

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Side plank when practiced daily strengthens the obliques and stabilizes the entire body. To begin with the pose, assume that you are in the pushup position, keep your arms straight and palms on the floor.

Next raise your right arm up towards the ceiling shifting your weight to the left hand and outside of your left foot. Don’t forget to put your right foot on the top of your left foot, so that it does not touch the ground. Also, make sure that your shoulder and elbow lies in a straight line. Be in the pose for 30 seconds.

Repeat the asana with another hand.

3. Dolphin Plank

3. Dolphin Plank

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Dolphin Plank is another great yoga pose that straightens the core in the most effective way. To start with the pose, lie on the surface with belly side. Place your palms, knees, forearms, and hands on the floor. Slowly draw your front ribs and belly towards the spine. Push the toe on the floor while lifting thighs through heels. Be in the pose for a minute.

4. Floating Triangle

4. Floating Triangle

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This yoga asana also strengthens the obliques, back, and abdominals. To start with the pose, stand straight on the surface keeping your legs a wide apart. Put your one leg at the 90 degrees and other at the front. Next, lean your torso forward over the front leg, rest your right hand on the front of the leg below the knee. Open your shoulders and extend the left arm above to form into the triangle. From triangle, put your palms facing down, stay in the pose for several breaths.

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