Strengthen your body and arms with arm balance yoga poses

Look at your body parts, your upper portion or arms are the weakest part as most of you are not habitual of lifting any heavy things in your daily life and only do desk jobs. Because of such reasons, arm balance yoga poses is very critical to train, stretch and make your arms stronger. You can enjoy flexibility and better health with the poses of arm balance yoga.

Arm balance yoga poses can help you become lighter in your thoughts or attitude and strengthen your body and mind. These poses add a really playful and fun component to yoga and also explain the reason of your very own existence.

Some of the yoga poses are given below that can help you in building strong, lean and flexible arm muscles.

Plank pose

Start with your hands and knees; keep your shoulders straight over your wrists. Fold your toes, extend your feet and take your legs back until your hips, shoulders and ankles make a straight line.

Plank pose


  • Makes arm and abdomen strength
  • Great for patience

Tips: Keep your abdomen and lower back safe from sagging through utilizing your inhales to pull your abdomen in and puff up your lower back.

Four Limbed Staff Pose (Chaturanga Dandasana)

Start with Plank Pose. Reach back by your heels, connect your navel to your spine and soften by your elbows, reaching them directly back until your forearms graze the faces of your rib cage. Get your long spine and keep a small chin tuck. Take  three deep breathes in the same position .

Four Limbed Staff Pose

Chaturanga Dandasana is also named as the half push up; it is a strong, warming pose with many benefits:

  • Improves strength and flexibility in your wrists
  • Tones up your core muscles
  • Builds muscles on your arms, back and shoulder
  • A good preparation for any arm balance yoga poses or works with inversions
  • Strengthens your toes and fingers

Crow or Crane Pose (Bakasana)

Crow is really a good beginning point for an arm balance yoga poses. It’s a great way of enhancing confidence. It tones and makes your arms, core, shoulder and mind stronger.

Crane Pose

Come into a squat with your legs about as spacious as your mat. Place your palms on the floor under your shoulders, curve your arms a little and press your knees tightly around your elbows or upper arms. Sway your weight ahead into your hands, coming up high on your toes. Pick up your feet off the floor.

These crow poses are popular for

  • Strengthening and toning your abs and arms
  • Good for spine and neck
  • Improves hormonal balance and digestion

If you are afraid of falling forward (that can happen), put a pillow in front of you to feel safe and confident while performing the yoga.

Tip: Make a more stable base by spreading the fingers and pressing down with the entire hand, together with the five finger pads and gaze out simply in front of the hands.

However, arm balance yoga poses are comparatively tougher than other yoga poses. Therefore, one must practice them carefully as a beginner and first target to prepare your upper body well.

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Peacock Pose (Mayurasana)

With the help of hands and knees, turn your hands out and around in a way that fingers face back. Keep your hands 6 inches apart, bow your elbows and lower body on your upper arms. Your elbows should be placed on your lower abdomen. Bring out your upper arms parallel to the floor and bend your weight ahead to extend your legs and pick up them off the floor.

Peacock Pose


  • Builds arm balance and strength
  • Great for circulation
  • Good for concentration

Tips: Your hands and elbows can be apart or simultaneously, relying on balance on how it feels in your abdomen, so make an effort for both.

Dolphin Pose

With the help of your hands and knees, bring your forearms to the floor, elbow exactly under the shoulders, and hands straight forward of elbows. Tuck your toes and pick hips up and abdomen straight up, making a high V-shape.

Dolphin Pose


  • Makes strength in arms and shoulders

Scale Pose (Tolasana)

Push the hands against the ground, fold the legs and pick up them and buttocks away from the ground. Keep this pose for 10-15 seconds. Then lower your buttocks and legs on an exhalation then alter the cross of legs and repeat this for the same length of time.

Scale Pose


  • Improves concentration
  • Great for hand grip and balance enhancement
  • Make your arms, chest and shoulder stronger

Upward Plank Pose (Purvottanasana)

Sit in Dandasana (Staff Pose) with your hands quite a few inches at the back of your hips and your fingers pointing to the fore. Twist your knees and put your legs on the ground, large toes turned inward, heels at least a leg away from your buttocks. Breathe out, press your inner legs and hands down against the ground and raise your hips until you reach into a reverse tabletop pose, torso and thighs just about parallel to the ground, shins and arms around perpendicular.

Upward Plank Pose


  • Stretches knees and ankles
  • Tones your lower back
  • Make your arms and chest muscles stronger

Arm balance yoga poses help you remain in the present moment. When you accept the challenge of arms and hands balancing yoga instead of feet, the degree of mental concentration needed escalated. Arm balance can also help to raise feelings of courage, self-confidence and internal strength. They are a playful way of approaching your exercise and your bodies with a feeling of fun and curiosity.

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