Yoga For Hair Growth – Yoga Postures That Will Prevent Hair Loss Naturally

Losing hairs when you are a teenager feels awful and it literally creates a great disaster on your mind. Due to busy life schedules, both men and women are suffering a major loss in their health. Environmental changes, genetics, hectic jobs, and change in lifestyle is the common cause of the problems. Here are few yoga poses that will help you prevent hair loss naturally.

1.  Balayam Yoga

1. Balayam Yoga

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Balayam Yoga is the easiest and the most natural yoga pose to prevent the hair loss. To begin with the pose, just rub the surface of your nails against each other. This yoga practice tones the blood supplies to hair follicles through nails.

2. Sirsasana

2. Sirsasana

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Sirsasana or headstand pose helps in relieving stress and also solves endocrine-related problems. In addition, it also increases blood circulation. To begin with, the pose, lean forward and place your arms on the floor. Next, interlock the fingers.

With the support of the interlocked fingers, place the head over it and lift your heels. Be in the position for few seconds and come back in a normal position after few minutes.

3. Vajrasana

3. Vajrasana

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Vajrasana is basically known as Thunderbolt or diamond pose, it makes your body strong enough to bear the digestion and other problems. It also increases the supply of blood i.e. it makes scalp cells gets nourished and ultimately results in hair growth. Vajrasana is another easiest yoga pose that helps in preventing hair loss. Simply, sit down on the flat surface, folding your legs backward. Make sure that you match your ankles and buttocks in the same place. Hold the pose for few minutes.

4.  Halasana

4. Halasana

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To begin with, Halasana, lie flat on your back on the even surface, keep your arms alongside your body with palms facing upwards. Slowly inhale and lift your feet off the ground at 90-degree angle. You can use your hands to support hips to lift the leg off the floor. Bring your feet at the 180-degree angle, in a way that your toes are over and beyond your head. Hold the position for a minute, exhale and bring down your legs. Halasana reduces fatigue, helps in weight loss and even massages digestive organs and improves appetite.

5. Uttanasana

5. Uttanasana

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Uttanasana or standing forward bend pose rejuvenates your body, it also allows blood circulations in your head giving the cells a push of energizing oxygen. To start with the pose, stand straight on the flat surface, inhale when you exhale gently bend forward folding your hips. Or stretch your hamstrings and bend forward. Hold the pose for few seconds and be back in the position. Repeat the yoga posture in the morning and evening for better results.

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