Yoga Mudra: A Silent yet Powerful Weapon against Diseases

The body is made up of 5 elements namely – Fire, Water, Air, Earth and Aakash (ether – the small intercellular spaces in the human body).

Imbalance of these elements interrupts the immunity system and causes many diseases.

Deficiencies in any of these elements can be generated by connecting one part of the body with the other in a specific way by Yoga Mudras.

Five fingers for five elements – Thumb: Fire, Index: Air, Middle: Aakash, Ring: Earth, Little: Water.

Yoga Mudra means gestures adopted during meditation and pranayam that directs the flow of energy into the body. Yogic tantras say that these mudra techniques stimulate various areas of the brain.

There are various types of yoga mudras and each of them keeps a different benefits.

Gyan Mudra

It is the first Yoga Mudra posture known as Gyan Mudra or the Mudra of Knowledge.

Gyan Mudra

How to do:
  • Do this mudra when practicing meditation. It’s best when you practice it early in the morning with a fresh mind. Press the tip of your index finger with your thumb tip. The other three fingers, you may put them straight or only leave them free, doesn’t matter even if they are a little bent. It’s a commonly used mudra when doing meditation.
  • It’s a very beneficial mudra that anyone can practice.
  • As the name recommends, this mudra is meant to enhance your memory power and concentration.
  • It sharpens your brain power.
  • It has the capability to heal insomnia.
  • Do this Yoga Mudra regularly to cure you from all psychological and mental disorders such as stress, anger, anxiety and even depression.

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Vayu Mudra

Vayu Mudra

How to do:
  • Vayu mudra can be practiced in a sitting, standing or even lying down pose and it’s simple to do. Bend your index finger and as you bend your fingers you can see 2 bones. These are known as phalanx bones. When you have bent your index finger the second bone that you notice, you have to push it with the bottom of your thumb just as illustrated in the picture. The rest of the three fingers must be kept extended as much as possible.
  • Practice this at any time of the day as per your ease. There is also no obligation of practicing this empty stomach. You may also do this mudra with a full stomach.

Once you get the benefits from this mudra, prevent doing it. After some time, it may lead to imbalance in your system.


According to its name, it balances the air constituent within the body. This mudra releases extra wind from the stomach and body that reduces rheumatic and chest pain.

Agni Mudra (Mudra of Fire):

Agni Mudra

How to do:
  • Bend your ring finger and compress the second phalanx with the base of your thumb. Put the rest of the fingers erect. This mudra must be practiced only in sitting pose early in the morning empty stomach. Stay in this mudra for at least 15 minutes daily.

But if you have problem of indigestion or acidity, avoid this mudra.

  • This mudra helps in dissolving the extra fat increasing metabolism and controls obesity.
  • Improves body strength
  • Accelerates digestion
  • Controls high cholesterol levels
  • Decreases stress and tension

Prithvi Mudra (Mudra of Earth):

Prithvi Mudra

How to do:
  • Press the tip of your ring finger with the thumb tip. Compressing the tips of these two fingers, place the rest of the fingers stretched out.
  • It’s suggested that you perform this mudra in the morning. However you may even practice it at any time of the day and even for any duration. Sit in Padmasana, placing the palms of both your hands on your knees with erect elbows. Practice this asana when you feel exhausted or stressed out. Padmasana accompanied by this mudra will instantly perk you up.
  • It enhances patience and tolerance.
  • It improves blood circulation all through the body.
  • Enhances concentration while meditating
  • It decreases exhaustion, weakness and dullness of mind.
  • Helps strengthen lean and weak bones. Also enhances weight of people who are suffering from being under weight.
  • This mudra makes you even more beautiful by enhancing your complexion and proving the natural glow of your skin.

 Varun Mudra (Mudra of Water):

Varun Mudra

It’s the best yoga mudra for outer beauty. It has a positive outcome on your skin and waves off all the problems. A very effective yoga asana for your entire health lets you learn to practice this mudra with perfection.

How to do:
  • Lightly press the tip of your little finger with the thumb tip. The rest of the fingers must be placed erect. There is no particular time to do this mudra. You may practice it at any time of the day and even in any pose, but sitting cross-legged while doing this mudra is better.

Avoid pressing the tip of the little finger close the nail. That will cause dehydration instead of balancing the level of water in your body.

  • It activates fluid circulation in the body always keeping it moisturized.
  • Varun mudra balances the water content in your body.
  • It adds a natural luster and glow to your face.
  • It treats all skin problems like skin diseases, dryness and skin infections. Moreover it also stops the appearance of pimples for a long time.
  • Varun mudra also prevents and relieves any muscle pain that you may suffer from.

Shunya Mudra (Mudra of Emptiness):

 Shunya Mudra

How to do it:

Compress the first phalanx of your middle finger with your thumb.

  • Doing this mudra with full awareness will heal earache within 5-10 minutes at the most
  • This is also very useful if somebody who is mentally challenged or deaf. But those who are handicapped will not benefit from this mudra.

After you are treated of these diseases, avoid practicing this mudra.

Surya Mudra (Mudra of the Sun):

Surya Mudra

How to do:

Push your ring finger and press this with the thumb only as shown in the image.

  • It reduces anxiety.
  • It’s quite beneficial when it comes to decreasing bad cholesterol.
  • It also enhances your digestion.
  • Want to lose weight? It is very handy.

Prana Mudra (Mudra of Life):

Prana Mudra

  • It’s a very critical mudra as it activates the energy in your body.
How to do:
  • Prana mudra pose must be accompanied along with Padmasana. Fold your ring finger and little finger and press the tip of both these fingers with the thumb tip.
  • There is no particular time to do this Yoga Mudra. Any time of the day will be right.
  • It lessens tiredness and fatigue.
  • This mudra enhances your immune system.
  • It also enhances your eye power and also treats any kind of eye diseases.

These are some very crucial Yoga Mudras and are beneficial for your health. When a finger represents an element is taken into contact with the thumb, that constituent brought into stability. So the disease caused by the imbalance is treated. These mudras start electromagnetic currents in the body that balances multiple constituting elements and recover health. The joining of fingers makes an effect on the human body.

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