Eagle Pose (Garudasana) | Learn How to Perform and Its Benefits

Garudasana is the standing yoga pose that requires strength and focus. The pose is named after mythological Hindu “king of the birds” which is known as’ Garuda’. The word Garuda means’ eagle’ and is believed to help humans fight against monsters. The asana has twisted up like the knot and makes you balance the body as long as you can. Eagle pose is beneficial for those having pain in shoulders, or upper back and hips. Let us learn the steps to do Garudasana and what are its benefits.

Steps to Do Eagle Pose or Garudasana

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Steps to Do Eagle Pose or Garudasana

1. To begin the pose, stand on the yoga mat in Tadasana.

2. Next, bend your knees and lift your right foot cross over the left one.

3. Make sure that left foot is comfortably placed on the mat and right thigh is placed over left thigh (point your toes downwards).

4. Now bring your arms forward parallel to the floor.

5. Slowly press the palms together while stretching the fingers upwards.

6. Keep your focus at one place and hold the pose for few breaths.

7. To come back in the position, release the hands and bring them along the sides of your body.

8. Raise your right left and place it back on the mat and come back in the original posture.

9. Repeat the pose on other side.

Benefits of Doing Eagle Pose (Garudasana)

When practiced Eagle Pose, it improves balance and also strengthens ankles and inner thighs.

It stretches upper back, shoulders and open torso which is beneficial for advanced yoga poses.

The pose also increases breathing capacity and opens the back lungs, therefore, it is the best yet the effective pose for those having asthma or sciatica.

It also helps to compress and brings fresh blood to the joints creating energizing effect in the body.

Eagle Pose also loosens the hips, legs and makes them more flexible.


Avoid performing the pose, if you are having the knee injury, have low blood pressure or inner ear problems. Always practice the asana under the expert’s guidance.

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