Guided meditation for children: Growth for your little ones

A raising number of kids have been showing elevated signs of restlessness, stress and anxiety starting at an early age. Everyone knows meditation is a great tool to get peace and balance amid his hectic life.

The question is how do you get your children excited about meditation? Here are some tips, techniques and Guided Meditation for Children that work with your kids.

Become the change

Kids are prone to copying the behavior of their parents. Thus starting them on meditation journey can be as easy as leading by example. When your children watch you in meditation, it sets a tendency that kids can learn from. For example if you are sitting in meditation in the morning time, your children wake-up and sit quietly with you and enjoy starting their day in peace.

Practice Silence

Decide for a day or just a half-day, to dedicate to peace. Even if it’s just a couple of hours, it will be pure heaven for you and a great lesson for your kids.

You can move it into an interesting game, “who can be the quietest?” It must be fun for them. And when you break the silence, make a fun game or song around breaking the silence with words of kindness, love and good intent.

Begin short and simple

Many experts suggest one minute of meditation raise per year of age, just starting at the age of eight. If your children are being diagnosed with ADHD before the age of six, you may require starting earlier. The structure of meditation will depend on your kid’s age and nature that you will have to learn with hit and trial technique.

Pranayam (Breathing Exercise)

Breath is directly connected to prana (life-force energy) and also oxygenates each cell in your body. Pranayama is one of the most precious tools for your child’s well-being. It’s the perfect Guided Meditation for Children. It also helps them when they are in crying or exciting condition.

Here are some breathing techniques that are all time favorites among kids:

     1. Ujjayi (Victorious Breath):


Explore your practicing the “Deep Ocean Sound” at the back of the throat and at the same time as taking deep tummy breaths. It really calms and settles their energy.

     2. Nadi Shodhan (Alternate Nostril Breath):

Nadi Shodhan Alternate Nostril Breath

Nadi Shodhan is the best Guided Meditation for Children. Even it is said that, it balances brain’s right and left hemispheres and leads to better cognitive growth. You can start with simple version where they close one nostril and inhale and exhale by the other then switch the sides.

     3. Kapalbhati (Shinning Breath):


In this Kapalbhati meditation process, children have fun to watch their bellies as they push the air out while drawing their belly in, at the similar time.


There is nothing comparable like doing Guided Meditation for Children. Sun Salutation is one of them; in this yoga children get fun and feel easy form of yoga asana to practice with family. These 12 postures are said to maintain the energy levels of the body open and flowing properly and preventing from diseases also.

Yoga is a moving meditation; the full concentration on the practice of breathing and poses. Ensure they are breathing consistently during the entire practice.


It’s a great bedtime practice. Yoga Nidra is an ancient exercise that brings your awareness to various areas of the body while lying in stillness. You can make a little trick for kids and have them visualize magical golden pixie dust is being sprinkled or poured on multiple areas of the body. It is a great Guided Meditation for Children for body awareness and provides their minds something to concentrate on. This is a super relaxing practice and helps prime for great imaginings or ideas.

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Sing and chant together using Mantras:

Children love to sing. Chanting improves concentration and focus and has powerful effects on brain growth. Here are some tips and Mantras to make the most of the experience:

The Gayatri Mantra- It is a beautiful song and a great practice for memory. It has 24 syllables; each of these is connected to a diverse part of the brain. It has been utilized to raise intuition and intelligence.

Om- Om is the sound of the globe and divine intelligence; children can easily connect with that! Let your little ones to play with the tone and volume of their OM’s and goes with their own pace.

Chakra Toning- Just hang up a painting or a chart of the chakras (i.e. 7 major energy centers of the body) in your home. Focus to the chakra and have them visualize the color in that part of their body. Have them chant the Mantra linked with chakra. You can also make the same sounds that the vowels create, as in- oh, ah, uh, ooo, eye, aye and eee.

After using mantra or toning chakra, ask them to keep their eyes closed for few minutes and notice how they experience or feel. This powerful meditation tool can help children acquire awareness of the effects of utilizing mantras.

These guided meditations for children are very influential for those kids suffering from ADHD diseases at an early age. They are also helpful in improving the relationship between parents and child and increasing better sense of self-esteem.

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