5 Best Yoga Poses For Older People

Yoga is meant for all, whether you are a child, a teenager or a senior citizen, yoga has nothing to do with age. In fact, yoga asana is the best physical exercises, you can frequently do irrespective of your age.
Yoga has caught attention with the young generation and those who are just entering into the senior level.

But as soon as you cross 50, your body speaks about the weakness, pain, and aches and if care is not taken at the right time your body becomes dull. So here are some best yoga poses for old age people and for those who are about to enter their golden years.

1. Tree Pose

Isolated studio shot of a fit Caucasian woman holding the vrksasana Tree Pose yoga position on an exercise mat.

Tree pose is the excellent asana to maintain concentration. It improves the abdominal strength and also stretches shoulders and groins. Stand on the flat surface placing one foot on the opposite thigh, brings your hands in the prayer position and be in the pose for minimum 5-8 breaths.

2. Bird Dog



Bird Dog is good for back support and abdominal. It is a great pose strengthening the abdominals and the back body. To begin with the pose, kneel down and stretch one hand forward and opposite leg at back. Be in the pose for a minute, then switch sides.

3. Sphinx



Sphinx is the excellent yoga pose for the older people. It improves the upper back strength and prevents head syndrome. The pose really does a great job opening up the chest. Simply lie down flat on your stomach on a mat with elbows under your shoulder. Lift your chest up and stay in the pose for a while.

4. Savasana



Savasana, when performed, resets the nervous system and relaxes the muscles. Lie on your back on the flat surface. Senior citizens do need rest as much as possible; it’s quite good for them to be comfortable throughout the day. Lie down and relax the muscles, breathe as you lie. Be in the relaxing pose for a minute or two.

5. Balasana



Balasana or child pose, built up the fragile body and drive away dizziness. It helps in steady breathing and focus on living an anxiety-free life. To start with the pose, kneel down on the floor, sit on your heels. Slowly bend forward and lay your hands on the floor with palms up. Release the shoulders towards the front on the floor. Be in the pose for at least a minute.

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