Easy Steps to Do The Cow Face Pose | Gomukhasana | Benefits

Cow Pose or Gomukhasana deeply stretches the shoulders and hips. It is the best and the effective pose, in improving the sitting and standing posture. It breaks those imbalances and helps you regain energy and ease in hectic schedules. Before you start performing the Cow Face pose, know its benefits and how it helps the body in regaining concentration and balance.

Benefits of Performing Cow Face Pose

1. It stretches thighs, triceps, chest and equally opens both sides of the body.

2. When practiced regularly, it helps to regain balance between the left and right side of the body.

3. It opens your chest and thoracic spine.

4. It enhances the functioning of digestive system and relieves stress.

Steps to Do The Cow Face Pose

Steps to Do The Cow Face Pose

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1. Begin the pose in Dandasana with your legs extended forward and arms resting at sides.

2. Slowly bend your knees while placing the soles of your feet on the floor. Bring your right foot below the left knee and slide it to outside left hip.

3. Shift your weight from side to side until you balance equally on both sit bones.

4. Extend your right arm towards the sky with palm facing forward, slowly bend your right elbow and bring your other hand (right hand) to your spine.

5. Rotate your arm in a way that it faces behind you. Bend left elbow and bring your left hand at the centre of your back.

6. Try to reach the fingers of both hands.

7. Make sure that you firm your shoulder blades against back ribs and do not let them put forward.

8. Be in the pose for a minute and repeat the pose on another side for the same time length.


Do avoid this pose, if you have chronic shoulder or knee injury. It is also recommended not to perform the pose when you have serious shoulder problems. Always work within limits and abilities and under the supervision of experts.

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