Healing Meditation: To Increase Your Creativity and Reduce Your Pain

Daily practice of meditation can help in relieving tension, improving your ability to concentrate and lead to a better understanding of your own thinking patterns and procedures. Most of the people use Healing Meditation to increase creativity, treat headaches, decrease chronic pain and even enhance athletic performance.

The more attentiveness you inculcate into your body, the stronger your immune system. Each cell is stimulated and rejoiced by the practice. The body likes your attention. It is also a strong form of self healing. It not only improves your physical immune system that becomes strengthened but also enhances your psychic immune system.

There is a very simple but an extremely powerful self Healing Meditation that you can practice whenever you experience the first symptoms of sickness, but it also works with sickness that are already rooted if you use it at periodic intervals and with extreme focus.

In meditation, healing can occur. When the brain is cool, alert and totally at ease then it is like a laser beam, it is very strong.

Only a fit and healthy Bud can Blossom. In the similar way, only a healthy person can succeed.

So, what is it to be fit and healthy?

To get a perfect state of health, individual has to be mentally relaxed, steady and emotionally stable. “Swasthya” means health; it also means being in one’s self. It is not only limited to the body and the mind but it is also linked with the consciousness. The more apparent the consciousness is, more the well-being is expanded.

Meditation Enhances Prana (Life Energy)

Prana (the essential life energy) is the foundation of health and well being, for both body and brain. You can get prana via meditation. When your body is alive with more prana energy, you feel energetic, alert and full of excellent humor. On the other hand, with a lack of prana you feel dull, lethargic and poor enthusiasm.

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Dealing With Illness – Through Healing Meditation

It is said that the origin of illness is the brain or consciousness. So, by attending to the brain, clearing it of any disturbances, the expansion accelerates.

Some frequent sickness like over-eating, cold and many more are cured naturally. Health and illness both are the parts of physical nature. By exercising meditation, the worries, stresses, anxieties go out and provides improvement to a positive phase of mind resulting in a positive impact on the physical body, mind and nervous system.

Since, health and illness are parts of physical nature. You should not be too concerned about it. When you worry about your illness, you are offering more power to your illness. You are a mixture of health and illness. When you remember this in mind that you have a positive stage of mind then your illness will go away.

  • Heal your brain via meditation.
  • Meditation stops stresses from entering the body system and also releases gathered stress. It brings a positive stage, health and happiness.
  • The daily practice of meditation brings coolness and calmness to the brain; it’s like servicing the whole body and mind.

Clean Emotional Pollution – With Meditation

A time may come in the upcoming generation when people will be given penalty for being depressed because they are causing emotional pollution. The things that you hear from people around you may affect your stage of mind. They either provide you joy and peace or create interruption such as anger, jealously, sorrow and frustration. You are easily affected because your mind is not in itself; it is not concentrated. Meditation is the only key to manage “emotional pollution”.

Blossom with Meditation

Meditation can bring a spiritual revolution. As you learn more about life, the unknown facts of the entire creation unfold. Then the questions arise in the mind are- what is the meaning of life? What is its aim? What is the world, what is knowledge and what is love….?

Once these types of questions arise in your mind, know that you are very lucky. These questions require to be understood; you cannot get the answers in books. You have to live all the faces of life and witness the transformation. The best health is; you are transformed from within and the bud turns into a fully blossomed flower.

Heal the World through Meditation

Meditation cleans the environment. Meditation and Sudarshan Kriya have converted aggression and violence within people into love, care and compassion. For example, observe what you feel when you enter in a room where somebody is really angry? It gives others the same feeling.

Similarly, when there is a happy and harmonious activity, you feel great. You may think and wonder why. Feelings are not distinct in one’s body – they depend on the surrounding environment. The brain is subtler than the five components i.e. water, air, fire, earth and ether. It there is fire somewhere, the heat does not only exist in the fire but it is also spreading throughout the place.

Note: If you are depressed or unhappy, you are not the single one who is feeling it; you are diffusing it into the entire environment.

In the present global condition of disease and conflicts, it is more critical to meditate every day. Through meditation, you can defeat the negative vibrations in the environment, thereby making a more melodious and pleasant environment.

The Healing Breath and Meditation

A gemstone in the Art of Living is the healing breath, called as the Sudarshan Kriya. This unique breathing exercise is a strong energizer.

  • Each cell becomes completely flooded and oxygenated with new life.
  • It releases stresses, anger and frustrations.
  • It flushes out depressing emotions from the body.
  • It clears depression, lethargy and anxiety.
  • It provides relief to both the body and brain.

After doing this Healing Meditation, one is left relax and centered with a clearer mind. A feeling of joy in the moment prevails and you are able to smile from your heart. Practice the healing breath and meditation. These exercises fully transform you and agitate the love deep inside.

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