Peaceful Warrior Yoga Pose | Benefits & Steps to Perform

Peaceful Warrior Yoga pose or Shanti Virabhadrasana is the variation of the series of warrior pose that strengthens your quadriceps, neck and allows a deep stretch in hips and groins. The peaceful warrior yoga pose may sound you tough, but yoga practice requires that you look truth beyond illusions and think of choices instead of floating from one reaction to the next.

Benefits of Doing Shanti Virabhadrasana

1. Practicing Peaceful Warrior Yoga Pose tones and strengthens the core muscles.

2. It improves the balance and opens up the chest.

3. The Peaceful Warrior Yoga Pose strengthens the arms and neck while providing a stretch in hips and groins.

4. It also increases self-esteem and perseverance and also stretches the calf muscles.

Steps to Do Peaceful Warrior Yoga Pose

To begin the pose, allow your front knee to be on the top of the front heel and ankle. If you know how to do warrior II, start with the II pose with right leg forward. Flip your palm towards the ceiling, or reach forward and then reach your hand up towards the ceiling. Next, side bends in your left waist. Allow your left hand to relax on the left leg and reach towards the ceiling. Open your chest towards the ceiling, breathe here for minimum 3-4 breaths and then repeat the same on the other side.

Note – If you are suffering from leg injuries, knee or ankle problems avoid doing Peaceful Warrior Pose.

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