Yoga for Hair Growth: Get Healthy and Long Hair

Everybody loves a head full of healthy and thick hair. Unfortunately, 8 out of the 10 people suffer from one or the other kind of hair problem. Individual may experience extreme or out of control hair loss cause of many reasons. Some of the common reasons for hair loss include stress, medication, hormonal imbalance, improper diet, ageing, over use of hair styling products and genetics. In spite of the reason of hair loss, Yoga for Hair Growth is highly capable of treating all kinds of hair and scalp problems. If you have been suffering from the hair loss problem, you can practice multiple yoga poses for real results.

There are some of the perfect poses of yoga for hair growth that also helps to stop hair loss.

Thunderbolt Pose or Vajrasana

Thunderbolt Pose


This thunderbolt pose is also popularly known as diamond pose. It increases the supply of energy and blood to the upper part of the body. To start with the pose sits on your knees when you rest your back on your heels. Keep your palms on the thighs, facing downwards. Keep your back straight, inhale and exhale deeply. Maintain this posture for two minutes at a stretch.

Downward Facing Dog

Downward Facing Dog

Source- “yogatouchmethod”

It is an ideal stress buster. This pose is also known as Adho Mukha Svanasana. It helps in encouraging the flow of blood to the head and thus helps in hair re-growth. Stand on the yoga mat. Place your hands on both side of the body while facing your palms towards the thighs. Take your body down slowly, while bringing your palms to the floor. Push your tummy in and breathe in deeply. Keep this posture for a minute and return to the initial posture while exhaling.

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Shoulder Stand Pose or Sarvangasana

Shoulder Stand Pose

Source- “youphoriayoga”

This is one of the most beneficial pose of Yoga for Hair Growth. Doing shoulder stand helps nurturing blood circulation to the head. Lie down on back and raise the legs from the ground to create a 90 degree angle. Exhale and lift your waist concurrently while pushing your legs backward over your head.

Standing Forward Pose

Standing Forward Pose

Source- “kristinmcgee”

It is also named as Uttanasana. Performing this yoga pose, stand erect. Breathe in deeply and bend ahead in such a way so that your palms touch the floor. Keep the pose for 30 seconds and come back in starting posture.

Camel pose or Ustrasana

Camel pose

Source- “experiencelife”

It is excellent for rejuvenating your hair blood cells. This is popular yoga for hair growth. To begin with it, sit on your knees on the floor and place your hands on the waist with the thumbs behind. Rise up your body and clasp the feet with your hands. Stay in the pose for 30 seconds for the great results.

Rubbing Nails Pose

Rubbing Nails Pose

Source- “humanhairextensiononline”

This pose also called as Balayam Yoga. It is the easiest and most influential yoga that you can do anytime. To practice this, bend your fingers of the both hands inwards to your palms. Take all the nails in get in touch with each other and start to rub them kindly. Practice this yoga for 2 minutes at a stretch.

Rabbit or Sasangasana

Rabbit or Sasangasana

Source- “yogaposeweekly.letsglo”

Sit on knees on a yoga mat and place your hips on the heels. Now, place both your hands on your back and try to grip your heels. Keep the top of your head on the ground and gradually lift up your hips. Maintain the pose for 2 minutes and come back to your earlier pose.

Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

Fish Pose (Matsyasana)

Source- “stylesatlife”

Another best beneficial Yoga for Hair Growth is Fish Pose. It is very simple pose to practice. Lie down erect on your back with hands at the back of your thighs. Place pressure on the elbows and draw the stomach part upwards. Keep the pose for 30 seconds and then come down.

Raised Feet Pose

Raised Feet Pose

Source- “theayurveda”

Raised Feet Pose or Uttanapadasana is not similar to Uttanasana. In this pose, you need to push your legs back and don’t need to raise the hips as well. Put your legs raised to make a 90 degree with the ground.

Start practicing these yoga poses as soon as possible for faster hair growth.

You can also practice these pranayamas for preventing hair loss as:

Deep Breathing (Kapalbhati)

Kapalbhati is just like a meditation. This is a breathing exercise that treats a number of disorders over a period of time. Apart from hair growth benefit, in this pranayama, the brain cells get more oxygen so it’s good for the nervous system, eliminates toxins from the body and cures from obesity and diabetes.

Sit straight on the yoga mat with crossed legs in front of you. Inhale deeply and exhale quickly, short bursts (you must be making a puffing sound as you breathe out). Repeat this and when you exhale, pull in your abdominal muscles.


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