Yoga Poses for Arthritis: Perfect Way to Get Rid Of Joint Pain

If you think, arthritis only happens at the age of our grandparents or parents and there is still a long way to go, then it’s time to wake up to the truth. Although, growing age is a high contributor to arthritis, it also cannot be denied that kids, teenagers, youngsters and middle-aged adults can also be victims of this condition.

If you experience joint pain and arthritis that is creating difficulty in doing even regular things, Yoga Poses for Arthritis is just for you. The major cause of arthritis is an imbalance of vatta (kind of body constitution) that leads to arthritis (i.e. swelling or inflammation up of the joints).

Some Basic Yoga Poses for Arthritis

Gomukhasana (Crow Face Pose):


This asana is best for your spine, shoulders, hip joint, neck, elbow and even fingers. When it is practiced properly it also helps in stimulating the circulation of blood in the knees and ankles. Gomukhasana is also known to tone nerves and muscles, building them stronger and loosening the stiffness. Because of its natural ability to enhance circulation in the joints, it is also helpful in production of synovial fluid (that is present between the joints) that helps lubricate painful joints and decreases friction. Aside from helping your joints function optimally this asana also helps enhance the functioning of your lungs and heart.

How to do:

This pose is the best in Yoga Poses for Arthritis. It is ideally completed when all your weight is put on your knees. But if you have any severe arthritis, you can sit in Padmasana to practice this pose. If you would love to try doing this asana on your knees, turn them and keep them on the yoga mat – such that your upper body is straight and your knees take all your weight. Ensure that your toes are pointing down and are moving towards the floor.

Now bring your right hand and twist it at the elbows and keep it behind your back. Ensure your finger tips are pointing up and are close to your backbone. Bring your left hand over your head while twisting it at the elbow over your head. Now, while keeping it at the nape of your neck, try to hold your right hand with it. The main aim of this asana is to be able to clasp your hands behind your back.

Breathe normally and release this posture by first sitting down and then taking your hands back to normal position.

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Vriksha Asana:

Vriksha Asana

Perfect for your muscles and joints, it is specially known for toning up the muscles of the knees, toes, ankles, elbows, shoulder joints, hip joints, hands and fingers. It stimulates blood circulation around the affected joints dropping the amount of pain that you feel. Despite helping your core become stronger, it also tones the muscles of the thighs and arms, also helps your mind relax and focus.

How to do:

Stand with your legs together and then put most of your weight on one leg and least weight on the other leg. Lift the leg with the lesser weight such that your foot is facing in towards your opposite knee. You can clasp your ankle to help draw the up leg. Keep the heel of your foot on your inside thigh of the other leg, as near to the pelvis as possible. Now gently lift your hands over your head ensure your fingers are pointing upwards. Make it certain that you concentrate and try to maintain your balance. Breathing gradually and targeting on one spot in front of your eyes helps in keeping the posture and not falling over. In yoga, it is considered that an unstable mind leads to an unstable body. Thus the more you can control your brain the better you can practice this posture. Avoid holding a chair or wall for support while practicing this pose. It will just reduce the strength of the asana. Keep on till you can find it just right.

Setubandhasana (Bridge Pose):

Setubandhasana Bridge Pose

This is one of the great Yoga Poses for Arthritis. This asana works entirely on your hip joints and spine. It also helps in relieving discomfort, stiffness and pain in these body parts and helps resolve any disease connected to the arms, palm and neck. It helps relax the mind, keeps your blood pressure is under control, enhances digestion, and reduces the symptoms of menopause in women and relieves the problem of respiratory.

How to do:

Lie flat on the mat with your legs flat on the ground. Lift your body up such that your head and neck are flat on the yoga mat and rest of the body is in the air. You can also use your hands to press down for additional support. If your body is flexible, you can even hold your fingers just below your extended back for that additional stretch. Remember, avoid over extending or hurting yourself while practicing this pose.

Shavasana (Corpse Pose):

Shavasana Corpse Pose

This pose is also known as corpse pose, it enables your body to recover. The slow and methodical breathing enables your mind to calm down, decreases headaches and lowers your blood pressure. It is the perfect way to obtain a good night’s sleep and beat insomnia.

How to do:

It is easy as you have to lie down on your back with the palms facing upwards.

These are the best Yoga Poses for Arthritis that you may try at home. But remember, before starting any new activity or pose, be sure to consult your doctor. It is very necessary to listen to your body. If you feel any intense pain, dizziness or instability, stop and relax or adjust to a comfortable pose. An experienced and well-trained yoga instructor will be able to give proper guidance to adapt the postures according to your requirements and limitations.

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