Chair Pose or Utkatasana | How to Perform and Benefits

Sitting in a chair sounds cool; it lets you sit in comfortable and easy way, but imagine sitting in a chair without any support, it might sounds you challenging. This is what chair pose is all about. Utkatasana is a powerful posture, which makes you sit in an invisible chair. It is one of the easiest and recommended pose for beginners as it improves mental balance and focus.

Benefits of Doing Chair Pose or Utkatasana

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Benefits of Doing Chair Pose or Utkatasana

• It is the best thigh strengthening pose and gives more flexibility and power.

• The asana also tones hips, shoulders, back, and butts.

• When practiced regularly, chair pose engages all core muscles and helps in stabilizing ankle and joints.

• It also stretches the lower and upper back.

Steps to Perform Chair Pose

Steps to Perform Chair Pose

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1. Stand straight on the flat surface or on a yoga mat with feet slightly apart.

2. Next, stretch both your hands in front with palms facing downwards; make sure that you don’t bend your elbows.

3. Now, slowly bend your knees and lower down your body as if imagining you are sitting in a chair.

4. Remember to keep your hands parallel to the ground.

5. Sit straight and lengthen your spine.

6. Go deeper just make sure that your knees don’t go beyond your toes.

7. Stay in the pose for a minute while taking deep breaths.

8. Repeat the pose for 5-6 times in one sitting.

Contradictions of Chair Pose

There are certain situations when you should not do this pose. Avoid performing this chair pose if you have chronic knee pain, a sprained ankle, headache or lower back pain. Always perform the yoga asana in the range of your abilities and limits and under the guidance of yoga experts.

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