Hatha Yoga – Commix of Postures and Fitness

The seed of the Yoga have been deeply thought and theorized during the ancient and Vedic times. This early spiritual science passes a direct means of smoothing the natural brawls and discomposure of thoughts and bustles of body that hinders us from judging ourselves what we truly are.

Yoga is just an easy process of turning back the everyday visible flow of awareness so that the mind grows into a powerful centre of positive pictures and remain no longer under thumb upon the errable feels but adept on the ball of really enduring the true facts.

The skill of utilizing the body to whip around your changing process is relatively called as ‘Hatha Yoga’.  It generally strengthens the opposites i.e. ‘Ha’ means ‘Sun’ and the other half i.e. ‘Tha’ means ‘moon’.  It brings out the union of opposite or dislikes pairs. Very few of you us know that our body itself carries some own attitude and nature. Say for an example if you plan to wake up early at 4 in the morning and for this you are all set with your alarm ready. Next morning even the alarm rings and you also want to wake up but contrary to this you body demands some more rest. I.e.your body is demanding some other thing!! That’s where the term enters Hatha yoga. It is a way to prepare the body to fight with dull and lazy possibilities.

Hatha Yoga: It is a series of asanas, whose priority is to filter the body, giving attention and control to the inside states and converting it wisely for self-contemplation.

What’s good in doing Hatha Yoga / Benefits of Hatha Yoga

  • Hatha Yoga brings about the equal proportion between mind and body and also tries to free the divine pieces of mind by following some physical Hatha Yoga poses like breathing meditation techniques.
  • Regular practice of Hatha Yoga benefits you in identifying your unseen positive potentials.
  • It increases your inner strength and relaxes your body from further hang-ups andalso helps you to work under stressful conditions.
  • Hatha Yoga benefits also enfold the positive side for the diseases. It prevents our body from number of diseases like diabetes and hypertension by massaging and toning our interior organs.
  • Hatha Yoga take load off one’s mind and strongly help us in dealing with worries and desperation.
  • The regular participants of Hatha Yoga brings out the result in a better sleep, a comfort from muscle pain and an extra energy level i.e. it improves the overall tone of a body.

Things you should not do while Practicing Hatha Yoga

During Asanas try not to utter any word; it just not only distracts your practice but also can harm your immune system.

Do not drink plenty of water during the asanas as it generates heat in the body and cause harm to your body.

Empty Stomach while doing asana is more helpful for the body, food in the stomach can stop your yoga practices and the constant flow of energies.

There are different Hatha Yoga poses practiced around the globe. It doesn’t matter which type of yoga you have chosen for your practice, the poses along with the proper sessions are the important part of Yoga.

Hatha Yoga is definitely not an exercise but it is the working of a body to create a calm atmosphere and then with the help of body postures to fireup the energy in the particular direction to remove out the stress and tensions is what is all about Hatha Yoga. It is sometimes also known as ‘forceful yoga’ as it requires a lot of efforts to do asana.

Hatha Yoga eventuates with a physical postures and mindfulness meditationthat sets out to tone the physical body and central nervous system. The spinal column of our body gets strengthened and all innate organs and functions are improved. There are around 200 types of Hatha Yoga asanas and postures with around 100’s of curves that are work to make the spinal column flexible and to make easy circulation all over the body.

Side Effects of Hatha Yoga

In general there are no side effects but for those who are beginners, performing hatha yoga asans often results in dullness and discomfort, as the postures stretches the muscles and tendons, which are generally scorned.

Some yoga postures and meditation techniques can be problematic for beginners and can cause vertigo, so it is advised to perform under the guidance of experts.

Calories are also burnt while doing Hatha Yoga, it has been experimented that around 173 calories per hour are burnt. The amount of calorie burn depends on your age, height, gender and weight.

  • Poses for Hatha Yoga:
  • Staff Pose
  • Easy Pose
  • Bond Angle
  • Seated Twist
  • Bridge
  • Warrior
  • Downward-Facing Dog
  • Tree
  • Mountain
  • Standing Forward Bend

In every pose we learn how to balance our effort and abdication in each pose.

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