Mermaid Yoga Pose | Its Benefits | Steps to Perform

Mermaid Pose helps in relieving you from bad sciatica pain; it also opens the hip and deepens the heart-opening backend. This yoga posture is a beautiful expression of power and invites us to find lightness in body and minds, and rejuvenates you to the core.

Mermaid yoga asana is an advanced version of pigeon pose and gives a deep stretch to the shoulders and chest.

Benefits of Doing Mermaid Yoga Pose

Benefits of Doing Mermaid Yoga Pose

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If performed in correct alignment, the mermaid yoga posture improves mobility in the hips and spine.

It strengthens the pelvic floor, creates expansiveness through the body and improves balance.

• Mermaid yoga posture gives a better control over the sexual desires.

It also makes your body flexible and strengthens hip flexors, lower back and quad muscles.

It increases the capabilities of the body to bear with both mental and physical conditions.

It gives flexibility therefore also reduces the chances of injuries in joints.

It leads to the healthy reproductive system, reduced miscarriage, hormone regulation, better sperm count, and health.

Steps to Perform Mermaid Yoga Pose

Steps to Perform Mermaid Yoga Pose

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1. To start with the asana, hold the downward facing dog pose, spread your fingers, lift your hips and down through your heels.

2. Next, bend your left knee and slowly bring it forward between your hands. Now place your left ankle on the floor and your left knee near your left wrist. Press through fingertip and slowly raise torso while lengthening the front of your body.

3. Drag down through left leg shin and try balancing your weight between hips.

4. Bend your right knee and reach your right hand back and join the inner edge of your left foot. Slide your foot closer as you can and press your foot firmly on your arm.

5. Take your torso towards the front of your mat as possible as you can, and press through your legs to help pelvic core and lift your spine.

6. Look towards the sky and hold the pose for at least a minute or till 5-6 breaths.

7. To come back in the position, step back into a downward facing dog.

8. Repeat the mermaid yoga pose with another side.

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