Sheetali Pranayama (The Cooling Breath)- How To Practice, Benefits & Precautions

Today in this blog post, we will know about “Sheetali Pranayama” and its benefits. To start with this, we must know the origin of the practice and what does it mean. The word ‘Sheetali’ is derived from the word “sheetal” which means cool or to assuage. It is practiced with an intent to lower down the body temperatures which has a soothing effect on the mind, body and soul altogether. It has also been claimed that one looks young and ever glowing with regular practice of this pranayama by Acharya Swami Swatmarama in Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

How To Practice Sheetali Pranayama?

How To Practice Sheetali Pranayama

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Sheetali pranayama is not so complex to practice and is a very simple procedure which has some simple breathing steps. Although the process is quite simple but it is advisable to practice it under the observation of an expert yoga professional.

It starts with a deep breathing practice in a sitting position where tongue is rolled in a specific manner and air has to be inhaled through the tongue for 4 seconds, it has to be made sure that the air passing in should be cooled through the tongue. Then the air is exhaled through both the nostrils for 6 seconds. This can be practiced for continuous 5 minutes.

What Are The Benefits?

What Are The Benefits

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Practicing Sheetali Pranayama has a lot many positive effects on the body and it is extremely beneficial in many aspects. Take note of some advantages of practicing sheetali pranayama here.

  • Calms The Mind

As its name depicts, Sheetali Pranayama has a cooling effect on the mind and soothes the nervous system to function properly.

  • Fights Stress

The breathing practice calms the mind and helps fight stress and diseases like hypertension. It reduces nervousness and flight responses.

  • Reduces Body Temperature

This miraculous practice helps reduce body temperature and that has a great effect on the endocrine glands and nervous system. It is also very effective in acidity and ulcers as it removes excess heat from the body.

  • Monitors Blood Pressure

It is beneficial for those who are suffering from the problems of high blood pressure as it reduces the blood pressure levels in the body.

  • Induces Muscular Relaxation

This practice stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which relaxes the body and brain muscles and strengthens them.

  • Controls Hunger And Thirst

This helps to calm down the nerves and controls hunger and thirst.

On the whole, we can definitely say that it relaxes the body and mind and is advantageous in every aspect for a better living.

What Are The Precautions?

Besides the advantages that Sheetali Pranayama offers, there can be some negative consequences for which one needs to be cautious.

  • Individuals with low blood pressure must be careful as this pranayama brings it further down.
  • People may feel cold in the throat and tingling sensation but they don’t need to bother as it is completely normal.
  • There are chances that one can feel some dizziness. So in such a situation, one should stop at the moment and relax.
  • In all circumstances, the breathing should not be forced and it should be slow and normal.

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