4 Easy Yoga Poses To Get Rid Of Allergic Rhinitis

You never know but the increased stress, improper diet, environmental pollutants etc, can make the respiratory system extremely sensitive leading an allergic rhinitis. Consistent sneezing is always annoying and getting rid of it makes your life easier. When you inhale, you might accidentally be inhaling an allergen, the allergen sits in your passages (nasal) and ultimately makes it swollen or inflamed.

Allergic rhinitis is the problem that is usually caused when your body comes in contact with the dust or bacteria. The symptoms of allergic rhinitis are really irritating but believe us, regular practice of some yoga poses could make your life soothing and better.

Effective Yoga Poses To Prevent Allergic Rhinitis

1. Ardha Chandrasana

1. Ardha Chandrasana

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Ardha Chandrasana or half moon pose is basically performed to improve menstruation and digestion, but very few know that the half moon pose is also the effective yoga asana in expanding the rib cage and chest, which ultimately improves breathing. The pose also relieves stress and improves body coordination. To begin with, the pose perform Utthita Trikonasana to the left side, with your right hand resting on the hip, slightly bend your knee and slide your right foot about 5-10 inches forward on the floor.

When you do the same, put your left hand forward and slight place it beyond the toes of your left foot.

Exhale, and lift another leg off the floor, just make sure that it remains parallel to the floor.

Place your body weight on the leg that is on the floor and maintain balance. Hold the pose for few seconds and release.

2. Shoulder Stand

2. Shoulder Stand

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Shoulderstand or Salamba Sarvangasana opens the nasal passages and improves sinus drainage. To begin with the pose, lie down on the floor on your back. Lift your legs and back in such a way that you come high on shoulders (you can support your back with the hands).

Next, move your elbows closer and hands along your back towards the shoulder blades, keep straightening your legs, by pressing the elbows down the floor. Just remember that your weight should support your arms and shoulders, not your neck.

Lift your heels higher towards the ceiling. Keep breathing deeply and be in the pose for nearly 1 minute. The shoulderstand pose normalizes the function of parathyroid glands, brings relief from indigestion and also stretches the heat muscles.

3. Warrior Pose

Warrior Pose or Virabhadrasana tones the lower back increases stamina and is extremely beneficial asana for frozen shoulders. It is the easiest and the effective pose in preventing allergic rhinitis. To start with the pose, stand straight with your legs at a distance on the floor. Lift both your arms up to your shoulder height with palms facing upwards.

Next, bend your right knee and turn your head toward the right. Make some efforts and push your pelvis down, be in the position of the warrior for a while. Keep breathing as you go down; exhale as you bring your hands down from the position. Repeat this posture for 5-10 times for better results.

4. Bridge Pose

4. Bridge Pose

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Bridge pose not only stretches your thighs but also calms your mind. To begin with, the pose, lie on your back with your knees bent, hip-width apart and heels parallel to your knees.

Bridge Pose is also considered as the best and the easiest yoga pose to help in allergic rhinitis. Press your shoulder and elbows down to the floor and lift your chest up wrapping the outer arms towards the floor. Slowly, pull your body off the floor, and keep the tops of your shoulder in line with the neck. To release, slowly put your torso down back to the floor.

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