These Health Benefits of Viparita Karani (Inverted Lake Pose) Will Transform Your Life

Yoga Is Not About Toning Your Body, It’s An Art To Promote Health & Well-Being!

Believe it or not, but life is becoming more and more hectic, competitive and materialistic. In this contemporary world, we all are fighting for our bread and butter. From physical stress to mental pressure, we humans suffer almost every single day.

This physical stress and mental pressure ultimately lead to an unhealthy life. The question here is how can we end it? Well, one of the easiest ways to achieve a healthy body and peaceful mind is to implement yoga in daily life.

Yoga is more than just a fun activity to pursue. In fact, yoga helps unite the body, mind, and soul. There are numerous yoga poses that help manage good health, relieve stress, and anxiety. In this article, we are going to learn about one of the best and the most effective yoga poses that is “Viparita Karani”.

Viparita Karani is also known as the “Inverted Lake Pose” or the “Legs Up The Wall Pose”. This pose offers amazing anti-aging effects and other health benefits.

What Should You Know Prior Doing This Asana

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What Should You Know Prior Doing This Asana?

It is best to do this yoga asana in the early morning on an empty bowel. If you are not a morning person, then you can practice it in the evening. Make sure you keep your stomach empty before you do this asana. Have your meals at least four to six hours prior to practicing Viparita Karani. This way, your food gets digested easily and your body gets enough energy to do the asana.

How To Do Viparita Karani?

How To Do Viparita Karani

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  1. You need an open space near a wall to perform this asana. Sit next to the wall and make sure that your feet are on the floor and left side of your body is touching the wall.
  2. Breathe out and lie on your back. Make sure that your legs push the wall and your feet face the ceiling.
  3. Put your buttocks a little away from the wall.
  4. Let your back and head rest on the floor and make sure your body makes a 90-degree angle.
  5. Lift your hips up, place a pillow or blanket under them and form a curve in your lower body. You can also use your hands to support your hips.
  6. Don’t move your head and neck, keep it in a neutral position.
  7. Close your eyes and let your body rest. Hold the position for at least five minutes. And repeat it twice.

Precautions You Must Keep In Mind Before You Do This Asana

  • It is suggested to avoid this asana during menstruation.
  • If you are facing severe eye problem such as glaucoma, then you should take the suggestions from an expert before you practice this asana.
  • If you have a serious back and/or neck injury, then it is recommended to practice this asana under the guidance of a certified yoga instructor.

Beginner’s Tip To Practice Viparita Karani

Beginner’s Tip To Practice Viparita Karani

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If you are a beginner, then you might find it hard to get the proper alignment. It is good to take suggestions from an expert yoga instructor. Also, don’t force your head, neck, thigh bones and hips to get into the pose. It will take some time in the beginning. Also, don’t forget to use a prop to support your hips.

Perks Of Viparita Karani Or Inverted Leg Pose

  • This asana gently stretches a few body parts including back legs, front torso and back portion of the neck.
  • It relieves cramped legs, feet, and mild backache.
  • This asana improves the digestive system.
  • It stimulates the thyroid gland and boosts metabolism.
  • It gives energy and strengthens your nervous system.
  • This asana can cure many medical problems including, arthritis, anxiety, headaches, high and low blood pressure, insomnia, migraines, mild depression, urinary disorder, menstrual cramps, etc.

Advance Variation Of Viparita Karani

Once you have learned the Viparita Karani posture, you can try hands on its advance variation. For that, you need enough space. If you have sufficient space near a wall, then you can spread your legs to form a wide ‘V’ against the wall. It will increase the stretch in a few body parts including, the groin and the thighs.

If you want to increase the stretch, bend the knees gradually and touch the soles of the feet together. You can push your hands against the top of the inner thigh to increase the stretch in the groin.

Hopefully, this article will encourage you and help you transform your life in a positive way.

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