How To Perform OM Chanting & What Are Its Benefits?

Whether you want a flexible body, healthy and glowing skin, peaceful mind or want to lose weight, yoga is the best way to achieve a complete well-being. Even the best medical professionals and celebrities are adopting this activity as it offers various benefits.

Yoga is often understood as a set of some postures, but in reality, it is an art that promotes harmony, well being and makes life happier and more fulfilling.

There is something about yoga that you cannot see, but your heart and mind can feel. One of the most harmonious and peaceful activities in yoga is OM chanting. Om is a powerful mantra that has high spiritual and creative power. It is chanted in the beginning and at end of the yoga session.

People have been chanting this spiritual mantra for thousands of years. It is believed that its continuous practice leads to profound enlightenment.

Things To Know Before Doing Om Chanting

OM chanting is a divine art. It is a mantra that should be performed at the start and at end of the yoga session. Like most of the yoga asana, OM chanting must be practiced on an empty stomach. It is best to practice it in the early morning, but if you are not able to practice it in the morning, you can perform it in the evening. Make sure that you have your meals at least 4 to 6 hours before practicing yoga and Om chanting.

How To Perform Om Chanting?

How To Perform Om Chanting

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  1. Sit in the ‘Lotus Pose’ or ‘Vajrasana’. Let your body relax and make sure your back is straight. Keep your hands on your knees or thighs, or you can also keep them in your lap. If you cannot sit down, then you can sit on a chair.
  2. Gently, close your eyes. Make sure you do it properly as it will cut-off all the visual distractions. Closing your eyes will also help you to calm down.
  3. Now, close your mouth and breathe in and out through your nose. Let your jaw muscles relax. Maintain a decent gap between your lower teeth and upper teeth, but make sure they touch each other. Don’t force yourself, do this step smoothly.
  4. Chant OM while breathing in and out. You can break this mantra OM as A-A-U-U-M and chant it in two parts.
  5. Now, continue the Om chanting. Repeat the same process after finishing yoga session and relax your mind.

Benefits of Performing Om Chanting

  • Om meditation or chanting makes you feel relaxed, peaceful, calm, and composed.
  • It improves your concentration and controls negative thoughts.
  • It gets you closer to nature and yourself.
  • It will have a healing effect on your body, mind and soul.
  • It improves your creativity and intelligence.
  • It will relax your spinal cord.
  • It helps in detoxifying your body and getting rid of the toxins.
  • It enhances the ambiance and makes the space positive.
  • It will keep your heart healthy and improve your thinking ability.
  • It stimulates metabolism and reduces weight.
  • It helps in hormonal secretions.

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