10 Incredible Health Benefits Of Power Yoga

Over the decades, there has been a drastic boost in the popularity of Power Yoga. No wonder, power yoga has gained admiration across the world. Earlier it was known as Gym Yoga but, these days, it is widely known as Power Yoga.

Though it has gained popularity, still, a lot of people are confused as what the practice entails. Well, power yoga is an intense or an aerobic workout, where yoga poses are done faster without any break. If you practice power yoga regularly, then it will help your body achieve stability, balance, and posture. It is considered a fast-paced workout and can be practiced by anyone who enjoys exercising.

Power yoga helps in improving the body’s natural strength, stamina, energy, flexibility and overall health. It works great on the mind by improving the focus and eliminating the negative thoughts.

Some popular power yoga poses include Child’s Pose, Downward Facing Dog Pose, Chair Pose, Half Moon Pose, Leg Lifts, Four-limbed Staff Pose and Boat Pose.

Power Yoga is an effective and intense workout that features numerous benefits.

Power Yoga is an effective and intense workout that features numerous benefits. Have a look at some of the most impressive effects of power yoga on the body.

1) Improves Flexibility

Power Yoga is as effective as Ashtanga yoga when it comes to flexibility. It mostly involves stretching and breathing exercises that will help you increase your flexibility. It will make your tendons, joints, and muscles more flexible.

Power yoga is an effective workout for those who are suffering from the arthritic condition as it will help you get rid of the pain, improve the condition and promote muscular relaxation.

2) Boosts Stamina

While practicing power yoga, you will notice an improvement in stamina. Power yoga includes a series of challenging poses that will allow you to move quickly. This quick workout is considered a cardiovascular workout that improves blood circulation, strengthens your core muscles and ultimately boosts your stamina.

3) Eliminates Toxins

It focuses more on physical movements, coordination, and strength. It helps to eliminate toxins from your body through sweat and improve the immune system. Yes, power yoga is an effective way that helps the body to prevent infections and stay healthy and longer.

4) Builds Muscle

Unlike gym workout, power yoga does not require you to lift heavy weights to build muscles. It gives you an opportunity to build muscle without lifting weights. The intensity of power yoga is extremely high, and the continuous workout will help you raise your energy level, strengthen your body parts, and build muscles.

5) Releases Stress And Tension

Practicing power yoga is not only an effective stress reliever but, also a way to control the symptoms of anxiety. It acts as a remedy to cure stress, anxiety, depression and makes an impact on your tension level. While practicing power yoga with full flexibility, stamina, and proper breathing, you can reduce stress and relax your body. Always remember you will be able to relax fully only if you practice the poses properly.

6) Promotes Weight Loss

If you are looking for a natural way to burn your calories, then power yoga is the answer. Yes, power yoga is one of the most effective ways to reduce weight. According to the experts, an intense workout of power yoga can burn 200 calories in an hour. It not only promotes weight loss but also helps in building lean and tone muscle.

7) Improves Blood Circulation

Power yoga improves blood circulation and calms the nervous system. Your body, brain, and muscles require a constant flow of blood to execute the proper function. Power yoga is a form of an intense workout that includes the series of challenging yoga poses. These yoga poses promote healthy skin, cell growth, energy and cognitive ability.

While, on the other hand, improper blood circulation may cause some problems, such as numbness, dizziness, muscle cramps and blood clots.

8) Reduces The Risk Of Heart Attack/Stroke

Power yoga is an impressive form of exercise that helps in reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke. It improves blood circulation, as a result of which, the possibility of clots formation and heart attack reduces.

9) Makes You Sleep Better

Benefits of power yoga can be noticed in all sorts of situations where people have trouble sleeping. It is not only beneficial for improving core strength, flexibility, and blood circulation but it also promotes sound sleep. If you are suffering from insomnia, then you can start practicing it regularly.

10) Makes You Happy

It is no secret that the art of yoga promotes a healthy and peaceful life. The intense form of power yoga workout is a perfect blend of positive approach, acceptance, and gratitude. It acts as a powerful tool to achieve contentment and happiness.

Power yoga features numerous benefits and the only way to avail these benefits is to unroll your mat and start practicing it from today itself!

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